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Andreas Weizel

Installing and Using NR6Pack NuGet Package in Projects

UPDATE 2015-06-25: NR6Pack has been reborn as the separate project "Refactoring Essentials". Therefore please don't use the old NR6Pack packages anymore, but install the new VS Extension or NuGet package instead!

Now our refactoring and analyzers extension NR6Pack is available on NuGet! It's a good alternative for all who want to include NR6Pack analyzers to a project without requiring every developer in team to install the extension as add-on in Visual Studio (2015). And it's really easy to integrate, as I'll show you here.

Let's start with a very simple console application project doing something very bad: It compares two float values using "==", a common mistake that might be hard to find later:

The additional analyzers shipped with NR6Pack are able to find such common coding issues. Open the NuGet management page of your project, search for "nr6pack" and click on "Install":

After a short download and installation you will see a new "NR6Pack" entry in your project's "Analyzers":

You will also notice a change in your code editor: Comparison of the float variables is now underlined and a yellow bulb is shown with a tooltip describing the code issue:

Through the yellow bulb you also have the option to directly fix the issue:

The issue is also shown as warning when compiling the project in Visual Studio as well as from console (think of build servers!):


Of course, I have shown just one example of coding issue detected by NR6Pack. There is a complete list available on project page.


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