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Christoph Wille

April 2010 - Posts

  • Usage Data Collector: The Local Database

    In the last blog post, I talked about the initial signup message that is sent to our servers.Today, I want to shed some light on how the usage data is stored on the client.

    The usage data - session information (time spent), environment information (OS, et cetera), feature use and exceptions (if any) is stored in a local SQLite database, which is located in the user's roaming profile folder at the following location:


    The file itself is named usageData.dat. Although the extension is non-standard for SQLite, you can use one of the various SQLite management tools to have a look inside at the information (I am using SQLite3 Management Studio here):

    Point it to the database file (please note that the file doesn't exist if you didn't opt in for UDC):

    Now you can peruse the tables & information that is stored by UDC (please note that no information will be in the tables once UDC has uploaded sessions - once data for a session has been uploaded successfully, the associated data is purged locally):

    The tables are: Sessions, Environment, Exceptions, FeatureUses as well as Properties. The latter is used to store the client id (see earlier blog post):

    That's it - no magic proprietary file format, easy for you to peruse.


  • 5 Million Downloads Reached on 4/11/2010

    Good morning - today is the day: we have reached five million downloads on SourceForge! (the figure does not include downloads from CodePlex, our build server or third-party hosting sites)

    Congratulations to the team for their hard work over the past nine years and seven months!

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