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Christoph Wille

February 2011 - Posts

  • Analyzing Fields and Methods

    One more new feature in ILSpy - Analyze. It currently works with fields and methods. Simply right-click on a field and select Analyze from the context menu:

    This opens the Analyzer view below the decompilation view (Read By and Assigned By are not expanded by default):

    The same procedure also works with methods, however the analysis is different (Uses and Used By, I did not expand Uses because the Display method does indeed use quite a few other methods):

    Basically, this brings you the "Find Usage" feature in ILSpy. To be added: support for properties and events.

  • IL Instructions Tooltip & Link to MSDN Documentation

    When you are hovering over an IL instruction, you'll get a tooltip (in case you are wondering: the tooltip content is derived from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\.NETFramework\v4.0\mscorlib.xml")


    The hand cursor shows that on clicking the instruction, you will be taken to the MSDN documentation for this instruction (in a separate browser window).

  • ILSpy 1.0 M1 (“Milestone 1”)

    A week ago we announced that a preview is ready – to be downloaded right from our build server. Today, we are entering the official testing phase of ILSpy with the availability of ILSpy 1.0 M1:

    The most important improvement from the preview(s) to M1 is the quality of the decompiler. A lot more statements and constructs are presented in a nice C# way now, more types decompile – in general, we consider M1 to be a consumer-friendly build that can be used already for your everyday decompilation needs.

    In addition to the core functionality, you will find two very useful new features: decompilation of BAML resources into XAML, as well as saving an entire assembly as C# project (so you can easily peruse the source code in your favorite IDE).

    Screenshots, screencasts, blog posts as well as how to report bugs / suggest features can be found at

    Development of ILSpy is continuing at a fast pace; if you are interested in testing the latest versions on the way to M2, please head over to our build server:

    New stable test versions, features as well as technical background blog posts will be announced on Twitter going forward:

    The SharpDevelop Team

  • New from SharpDevelop: ILSpy

    When Red Gate Software announced that .NET Reflector would no longer be available for free, the SharpDevelop Team immediately removed the addin supporting it. However, we liked the features provided by .NET Reflector so much that we decided to look into providing an open-source replacement – based either entirely on a third-party solution or based on third-party libraries.

    After an evaluation phase we decided to implement our own infrastructure, the end result is what we announce today: ILSpy, built on a decompiler library written by our debugger expert David Srbecky, as well as NRefactory 5 by our senior architect Daniel Grunwald. Yes, NRefactory 5 has been rolled forward from our work on SharpDevelop 5.0!

    What you can download today is a preview – and this is why we are pointing you to our build server to be able to evaluate the latest versions as they become available:

    What features can you expect – here is the short list (details and screenshots on

    • Assembly browsing
    • IL Disassembly
    • Decompilation to C#
    • Saving of resources
    • Search for types/methods/properties (substring)
    • Hyperlink-based type/method/property navigation
    • Base/Derived types navigation
    • Navigation history

    How can you help? Please download, try it with your assemblies, let us know what didn’t work – either in the forum or directly on GitHub.

    We have quite a few additional super-useful features in the pipeline, so make sure to subscribe to our developer blogs!

    The SharpDevelop Team

  • Reflector Addin Removed for SharpDevelop 4.0.1 and Later

    Our policy is to ship support only for tools that can be used unrestricted by everybody - with the upcoming licensing changes to this third party, this is no longer the case and support has been removed.

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