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Christoph Wille

February 2013 - Posts

  • SharpDevelop 5 C# Tech Preview

    SharpDevelop 5 has been long in the making, with the bulk of the time being spent on the move to NRefactory 5 (more information). Today we finally have something to show - a C#-only tech preview of SharpDevelop 5. It is not polished, but it will give you an idea what cool things are now possible - code actions being the poster child of the new features coming.


    Build 2100 Setup
    Build 2100 Source Code

    Newer versions can be downloaded from the build server, expect more activity once SharpDevelop 4.3 has shipped.

    Features entirely not available

    • Languages other than C# (VB.NET, IronPython, IronRuby)
    • Windows Forms designer
    • XAML code completion
    • Profiler
    • Reporting (SharpDevelop Reports)

    Features with restricted functionality

    • NuGet: PowerShell is not yet available (console and PS scripts on install of a package).
    • WiX: dialog designer is not yet available.
    • ASP.NET MVC: Code completion and folding currently disabled for Razor and Web Forms (.aspx) files.
    • Debugger: The object graph visualizer doesn't support collections yet; performance issues for larger collections.
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