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Christoph Wille

June 2013 - Posts

  • Did You Know: Ctrl+W Expanded

    In yesterday's DYK I introduced Ctrl+W, but (intentionally) left out one hugely useful feature which is selection expansion. It simply means: you can press Ctrl+W multiple times! And the selection will expand to the next level, from "done" to include Console.WriteLine, line, method body, method, class and finally namespace

    In case you are wondering - Ctrl+Shift+W will shrink the selection (no, I won't make this into a separate DYK).

  • Did You Know: Ctrl+W

    Did you know that you can select text intelligently using Ctrl+W? Take the following code for example:

    public static void Main(string[] args)

    Here a few things it can do - if your cursor is placed

    • in the string "done", it selects the entire string
    • on Console, it selects Console
    • on the method ReadKey, it selects Console.ReadKey
    • on Main (or any of its modifiers), it selects the entire method
    • on args, it selects the entire parameter including its type

    Give it a try and enjoy enhanced productivity!


  • Did You Know: Alt+Up/Down

    Welcome to a series of really short posts about features in SharpDevelop that you might not know.

    Did you know that you can reorder entire lines of source code by pressing Alt+Up to move a line above the previous line of code, and Alt+Down to move it below the next line of code [*]? Simply place the cursor in the line that you want to move, and press the respective key combination!

    [*] Empty lines are skipped, and best of all, comment lines preceding the line you are moving are copied too!

  • Using Azure Mobile Services in SharpDevelop

    Note At the time of writing / recording, you need the source code version of SharpDevelop from the NuGet 2.5 branch. The bits will be merged into the upcoming SharpDevelop 4.3.2 (to be properly announced by Matt soon).

    I have put together a short video that shows how to get started with Azure Mobile Services in SharpDevelop:

    For your reference, here is the source code of this simple CR application:

    using System;
    using System.Threading.Tasks;
    using Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MobileServices;
    using Newtonsoft.Json;
    namespace sddemoazure
      public class TodoItem
            public int Id { get; set; }
            [JsonProperty(PropertyName = "text")]
            public string Text { get; set; }
            [JsonProperty(PropertyName = "complete")]
            public bool Complete { get; set; }
      class Program
        public static void Main(string[] args)
        static async Task TalkToZumo()
              var zumoClient = new MobileServiceClient("appurihere", "applicationkeyherer");
              IMobileServiceTable<TodoItem> todoTable = zumoClient.GetTable<TodoItem>();
              var todoItem = new TodoItem()
                   Text = "Get stuff done with Azure Mobile Services!"
              await todoTable.InsertAsync(todoItem);
              Console.WriteLine("Inserted item, index " + todoItem.Id);
              var items = await todoTable
                        .Where(ti => ti.Complete == false)
              Console.WriteLine("Got " + items.Count + " items from Azure");
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