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Christoph Wille

July 2014 - Posts

  • Translators Wanted!

    With the new translation portal launched, we are now actively looking for additional translators to existing languages (to start with). We have the following languages in the system currently:

    The figure to the right is the # of missing translations - the total number of resource strings is a tad over 5000 for SharpDevelop, so you can see that these languages are all at least half-done.

    If you want to volunteer your free time to making SharpDevelop fully translated in your language, please send me an email at christoph.wille @ (remove the spaces around the @ sign) with your language of choice. Thank you for making SharpDevelop a global IDE!

  • Resource-First Translations Web Application Launched

    We have added a new open-source project to our portfolio - the Resource-First Translations (RFT) application, which provides translators of SharpDevelop with a modern and fast experience for helping us by translating SharpDevelop into a language they speak.

    This new application has a couple of goals (taken from the RFT GH readme):

    • Code-First Developers live in the IDE and work directly with resource files. Source control is the source of truth for resources.
    • Multi-Branch Translations come and go with features being added, modified or removed. Translators should never duplicate work.
    • Multi-File Complex software doesn't ship with a single resource file only. Slice your application into modules and still get the benefits of translating only once.
    • Sync Automatically get the latest resource file checkins to the translators, and the finished translations to the developers or the build servers.

    Developers work in the environment they are used to - including branching and merging - and translators get a great effortless experience for translating as well as testing translations. If you want to see that for yourself, either

    The demo installation is actually quite interesting as it runs on Azure Websites (SQL Azure, with Web Jobs and SendGrid for email), whereas in contrast our production installation for SharpDevelop runs on a dedicated box at a hosting facility (SQL Server 2012, with standard scheduled tasks and standard SMTP).

    If you like what you see, feel free to grab a copy and use it for your own purposes! All you basically need is ASP.NET and a SQL Server database to get going. As for grabbing the translated resource files in a real-world project, check out the ResGet integration in SharpDevelop (we don't do build integration).

    Bootnote: we talked about replacing the old ASP-based application for way too long (a solution I'd never open source simply for being way too ashamed of the code quality). But at least it provided us with a list of things we must have to have a great experience going forward.

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