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Christoph Wille

January 2015 - Posts

  • Announcing Developer Days 2015

    Last year's event in late August was a social event for the core team members. This year, we are back with an open-to-all developer event around SharpDevelop, ILSpy, NRefactory, NR6Pack, AvalonEdit and more from our ecosystem. Here are the main "W's"

    When: Friday May 29th through Sunday May 31st

    Where: TZ Inneres Salzkammergut, Bad Ischl

    What: See the intro paragraph, but let's expand a bit - there is no conference program ("talks" on a schedule). The main reason for this event was and still is to get together to discuss architectural ideas (way easier and productive in person), do spikes together on certain issues (pair programming if you'd like to call it that), iron out the strategy of the products and in general get to know each other better. This year of course we'll have plenty to discuss with Build and Ignite happening about a month before our event (your guess why we scheduled it that way...).

    Who: Attending core team members include Siegi, Andreas, Mike, Daniel and Peter.

    If you are interested in dropping by, let us know either via the dev mailing list, or get in touch with me directly (email address is on my GitHub profile). I can provide you with travel information (from public transport to accomodation if necessary). Oh, and bring a laptop.

  • NR6Pack 0.5

    We have hit a major internal milestone for NR6Pack, namely completing the infrastructure setup for the project. Now we have a dedicated Web site at, a forum on our community server and the build server set up for automated unit tests of NRefactory.

    In the course of completing 0.5, Siegfried went through the codebase for a first-pass code review of the summer-of-code contributions [*] and more (he and Andreas will continue doing so in January). We want to ratchet up the scenario coverage to give you confidence in using the library, and future contributors a place to go to for "inspiration" on how to unit test their code.

    Having said that, here are the news aside from our quality goals: one new refactoring, three new analyzers (we still have a few unported / untested ones in the repository that currently don't ship).

    What next? Continued focus on quality, more documentation.

    [*] These were part of the Mono project's GSoC. That is why we (the SharpDevelop team) didn't feel responsible back then.

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