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Itai Bar-Haim

Help Needed

Hi everyone.

I haven't been around for a long while, and also didn't commit any updates to the Class Diagram addin. This is because work was keeping me too busy and tired, and all kind of other projects kept coming in.

Anyway, the 3.0 version of SharpDevelop is on its way, and it is time to get back to work and complete this addin for good :)

However, I still can't find the time to do it... so I need your help :)

Following is a list of tasks that need to be done to complete the set of addins. If you want to help with some of them (please do... ;)) just pick one and start coding. You can then send me patches for review, and I'll commit them (or, if you have commit permissions, you can commit them on your own, but I'd still like to be notified about it so I can review it).

The tasks are:

  • Layout and Routing - the layout algorithm I wrote is a very simple one, somewhat buggy. Could be nice replacing it with something well known and commonly used. I actually wanted to use a free library for that, but couldn't find one that is free or that have a license we can use. About the routing algorithm - well, it sucks. Need to write something real. Again, library, free, license, yada yada... This task would probably not be something I'll work on, as I don't know the algorithms for that (nor had any luck finding them on the net), so if you happen to have a degree in graph-sciences or something, this could be the task for you.
  • Bug: Inner-Classes Resize - Something is not working there, and I couldn't track it down. It actually got me to a situation I started to look for other canvases and try to write new canvases just to have it replaced with something that always work. Just create some class and put several inner classes/structs/enums and play with it for a while, resizing, clicking the expand/collapse buttons, etc.
  • Class Editor - Well, just complete anything that seem to be missing in there. Should be straight-forward identifying that something is missing and implementing it. I'll try to add a more detailed list later on.
  • Class Wizards - Need to complete the current two (class wizard/interface wizard), and perhaps write some more (Enum wizard, for example). Then try to create an entire project's outline just with the wizards and see if it's easy enough and comfortable.

That's about it. Any questions are welcome, and I'll make sure to check my inbox here regularly.

Thanks for the help,



rmsphd said:

i help you, but i don't understand much better who Class Diagram Work with Graphics,,, if you can help me a understand, i help you :D


and my english is poor

i am from Brasil

September 28, 2007 1:29 PM
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