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Martin Konicek

Debugger visualizers - a Google summer of code project


my name is Martin Konicek and starting this summer, I will be trying to make your debugging experience in SharpDevelop even better. This blog will be about my project for Google summer of code 2009 - Debugger visualizers. The exciting part is that I'll be working on features that are not present in any IDE today.


The idea is to introduce new ways to let you observe the state of the program during debugging. For me, by far the most used debugger feature are the tooltips. The problem with tooltips is they never show you the data structure "as a whole". Here we have two objects having a reference to each other:

 Tooltips are not perfect

As we can see, the tooltips can be expanded forever, even if we have only two objects forming a loop - there is no easy was to tell this information just from the tooltips. Long ago, I was thinking how gain more insight - what about displaying the objects in memory and references between them as an oriented graph, updating live when stepping in the debugger? I wrote it as a hobby project, which gave me important lessons how not to do that.


Object graph visualizer

I found out that SharpDevelop team had similar idea for Google summer of code, great! I applied, researched and wrote a prototype, which I sent to David Srbecky, the author of SharpDevelop debugger and my mentor. The prototype looked like this:

Object graph visualizer prototype


In the picture, the visualizer (right) shows all objects that can be reached from variable "a" in the program being debugged (left).

There is one more visualizer that is totally missing in today's IDEs in my opinion, and will be implemented. More about that next time.


I'm 23, from the Czech Republic, currently studying CS at Charles University in the beautiful city of Prague. I think .NET is great, I have used it as my primary platform for a couple of years now. I'm teaching basics of programming to freshmen at our university - I recommend this to everyone, it's a great experience. I have a personal programming blog here.

Stay tuned for updates..

Published Jun 29 2009, 03:24 PM by martinkonicek
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graveen said:

Hi Martin

interesting , really :)

July 6, 2009 3:58 PM
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