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Matt Ward

November 2005 - Posts

  • Missing Features in SharpDevelop 2.0

    Here is a list of features that were available in SharpDevelop 1.1, but are not available in SharpDevelop 2.0, and the reasons why. This list will be kept updated as features are ported over.

    Missing Features

    Feature ID Information
    Assembly Analyzer SD2-528 Not yet ported.
    Assembly Scout SD2-527 Not yet ported. There also seems to be a large overlap with the new and improved class browser. The class browser now allows us to drill down into a project's references and pull up class/method information.
    Auto Find Files SD2-540 Not yet ported.
    C++ Projects
    Not yet ported.
    NProf SD2-535 Need an open source profiler for .NET 2.0.
    Pause Console Output SD2-475 Not yet ported.
    Projects and Solutions Options SD2-464 Not yet ported.
    Publishing SD2-430 Not yet ported.
    Not yet ported.

    Features Dropped

    Feature ID Information
    Console Window SD2-529 No longer part of the official distribution. Markus Palme has ported it to SharpDevelop2 and it can be downloaded from his web site.
    InitializeComponents Read-Only SD2-539 Feature dropped to be replaced by partial form designer classes. Forms designer currently supports partial classes, but form templates need modifying.
    Message Box Wizard SD2-537 Feature dropped due to improved enum auto-completion in SharpDevelop 2.0.
    NAnt Create Build File
    SD2-531 Feature dropped. NAnt Contrib will be getting an MSBuild task at some point in the future so there will be no need to convert from MSBuild to NAnt.
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