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Matt Ward

May 2006 - Posts

  • Component Inspector

    The Assembly Scout that was part of SharpDevelop 1.1 allowed you to browse through the types in an .NET assembly. It was similar to Lutz Roeder's excellent Reflector, but not as powerful nor as feature rich. With SharpDevelop2 the class browser was improved to the point where there was a big overlap between the features provided by the Assembly Scout and the Class Browser. In the Class Browser you can now drill down into a project's references and pull up class and member information, however it is missing some of the features provided by the Assembly Scout.
    • Searching for methods.
    • Viewing resources.
    • ILasm view.
    Since there is an overlap between these two, and Reflector being freely available, the Assembly Scout was not ported over. Christoph Wille suggested that the Assembly Scout be developed along the lines that the .NET Component Inspector by Oakland Software had been developed. By a strange coincidence a few weeks later there was a post on the SharpDevelop forums, by Francis Upton from Oakland Software, asking whether there was any interest in incorporating their Inspector products into SharpDevelop. Oakland Software had developed a .NET Component Inspector and ActiveX/COM Inspector about 3 years ago, but they no longer worked on these products and were considering making them open source if there is was any interest.

    Component Inspector

    SharpDevelop 2.1 now includes an integrated Component Inspector and a standalone Component Inspector application. This includes the functionality of both of the originally separate .NET and ActiveX Inspectors written by Oakland Software.

    • Explore and search classes and types from any .NET assembly or COM component.
    • Trace events on any object.
    • Create any object from an assembly.
    • Create controls on the design surface, move, resize or embed them in other Controls;
    • Search for types or object content.
    • Examine or alter any field or property in the created objects.
    • Execute any method on the created objects
    • Execute an application, class, or control without writing any code.

    Thanks to Francis Upton and Oakland Software for donating this software to the SharpDevelop project.
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