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Matt Ward

XML Editor Reuse

It is always good to see that someone else finds the code that you have written useful enough to be reused in another application. Here we take a look at where SharpDevelop's XML Editor has been reused. The XML Editor was originally added to SharpDevelop 1.0 back in April 2005.


Some time ago I ported SharpDevelop's XML Editor so it could be used from inside MonoDevelop. Currently there is an addin available for MonoDevelop 1.0. MonoDevelop 2.0 now ships with this XML Editor after Michael Hutchinson from Novell integrated it in March this year. I also believe that it is being used to help provide at least some part of the autocompletion for ASP.NET. It will be interesting to see how Michael builds on and improves the XML Editor code.


Kaxaml is a lightweight XAML Editor written by Robby Ingebretsen. Kaxaml version 1.0 and 2.0 use a modified version of SharpDevelop's XML Editor. Robby has replaced the user interface part so the autocompletion popup window now uses WPF. He has also modified it so the autocompletion popup window behaves the same as Visual Studio's XML Editor. For example, SharpDevelop automatically inserts the equals sign and double quotes an attribute name is autocompleted whilst Visual Studio will autocomplete just the attribute name and then automatically insert the double quotes after the equals sign is typed in.

Intellisense for Microsoft Expression Blend 2.5

Stefan Dobrev has written an addin to provide XML autocompletion for the as yet unreleased Expression Blend 2.5. This addin uses the XML Editor code from Kaxaml to provide the autocompletion. Stefan has modified this code slightly to add support for the Expression Blend's code editor.

Published Aug 31 2008, 03:00 PM by MattWard
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MJHutchinson said:

I completed integrating your XML editor addin into MonoDevelop in March, and I've found it to be a great help in providing HTML code completion in the ASP.NET editor. Thanks!

I've actually been writing a new XML-like completion triggering parser for the ASP.NET addin which you might find useful for the XML addin in #develop; at some point I intend to use it in the MD XML and XAML addins. It's optimised to consume one character at a time, so it's very efficient when typing forwards. It maintains a full "path" of parent nodes that we use for a path navigation bar, it can optionally generate a XDom-like DOM, and it's pretty robust against malformed input.

September 2, 2008 6:40 PM
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