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Matt Ward

November 2008 - Posts

  • WiX 3.0 AddIn for SharpDevelop 2.2

    If you want to use WiX 3.0 with SharpDevelop 2.2 now you can. SharpDevelop 2.2 will still ship with WiX 2.0 support however the WiX 3.0 addin has been backported. This WiX 3.0 addin for SharpDevelop 2.2 can be downloaded at the end of this post. It was built and tested using WiX 3.0.4714 which is the most recent release at the current time.


    The simplest way to use the addin is as follows.

    1. Download the file from SourceForge.
    2. In SharpDevelop's WiX addin folder SharpDevelop\2.2\AddIns\AddIns\BackendBindings\WixBinding rename the original WixBinding.addin file to WixBinding.addin-bak.
    3. Copy the contents of the bin folder in the file to SharpDevelop\2.2\AddIns\AddIns\BackendBindings\Wix3Binding.
    4. Copy the contents of the doc folder in the file to the SharpDevelop\2.2\data\schemas folder. This updates the WiX schemas for use in the XML editor.
    5. Rename the folder SharpDevelop\2.2\Tools\Wix to SharpDevelop\2.2\Tools\Wix-bak
    6. Copy the contents of the file to the SharpDevelop\2.2\Tools\Wix folder.
    7. Restart SharpDevelop.

    Updating to Newer WiX Versions

    1. Download the file from
    2. Copy the contents of the file to the folder SharpDevelop\2.2\Tools\Wix.
    3. Copy the contents of the doc folder to the SharpDevelop\2.2\data\schemas folder.
    4. If there are any problems try re-compiling the source code and check the unit tests still work.

    Compiling the Source Code

    1. Copy the contents of the Wix3Binding zip file into the folder SharpDevelop\2.2\src\AddIns\BackendBindings\Wix3Binding.
    2. Run msbuild WixBinding.sln.


    Posted Nov 18 2008, 07:53 PM by MattWard with no comments
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