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another Compressed size mismatch between central header(nnn) and local header (0) exception

Last post 01-22-2016 6:00 PM by aweber1nj. 0 replies.
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  • 01-22-2016 6:00 PM

    another Compressed size mismatch between central header(nnn) and local header (0) exception


    Using v0.86.0.518 in a C# .Net4 project.

    Trying to unzip a couple of different files throws the exception in the subject on the line:

    Stream zipStream = zf.GetInputStream(entry);

    I saw that this was apparently a problem in some cases but appears to have been fixed prior to this version of the lib?  Am I hitting a new case of this?

    My code is very, very, very similar to the example code to unzip an existing file.  Relevant part is posted here.

    FileStream ifs = File.OpenRead(archiveName);

                    zf = new ZipFile(ifs);

                    foreach (ZipEntry entry in zf)


                        String entryFileName = entry.Name;

                        if (!entry.IsFile)


                            log.Debug("Skipping non-file in zip archive: " + entryFileName);




                        //AJW: A note from the dev says NOT to close the input stream?

                        Stream zipStream = zf.GetInputStream(entry);

                        //using (Stream zipStream = zf.GetInputStream(entry))


                            String fullPathToEntry = Path.Combine(actualPath, entryFileName);

                            log.Debug("Writing Zipfile Part: " + fullPathToEntry);

                            using (FileStream ofs = File.Create(fullPathToEntry))





                    } //foreach file in the zip archive

    What can I do to determine what the underlying issue is and fix?  If there is a debug-zip-reader for me to get additional header info from to help troubleshooting, just let me know where to d/l it.  The file unzips with Windows 8's built-in capability as well as with 7-Zip.  Just this code seems to be having trouble.

    Appreciate any help you can provide!


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