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prevent closure of All console Application like in VS

Last post 09-13-2017 11:11 AM by Ariel Hepner. 0 replies.
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  • 09-13-2017 11:11 AM

    prevent closure of All console Application like in VS

    Hi, i'm trying to migrate my entire school to work with sharpdevelop instead of VS2010+. but there's one feature which console application developement students need which SD lacks. 

    i'm talking about having the console stay open after running a build from withing SD.

    i know i could just tell them to add Console.Readline, when ending a program, but it's not feasable since it requires changing every single program ever written to include that line, while in VS there's no such need and it's an essential feature for console developers.

    besides, this "pause" should only happen when running or debugging a program from within SP, and not when executing the EXE file.

    i dived into the source, and tried to trace what happens when i click "Run Project"/"Run Project withouth Debugging"/Press Ctrl+F9 etc. 

    it's easy to get lost and i only got as far to "class Execute" under DebugCommands.cs

    what i was thinking was to a have a batch file run instead of the built EXE:

    the batch would look something like this:




    i need help finding out how to implement without it breaking debugging

    maybe there's a more elegant way of accomplishing this feat, without resorting to batch files?

    it would also be nice if i add a checkbox in settings, to turn this functionality on and off.


    it's a feature very much sought after by many students and i believe a lot of users could benefit from it

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