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SharpDevelop locks in debugging

Last post 11-19-2017 10:09 AM by sbridewell. 1 replies.
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  • 11-18-2017 12:33 PM

    SharpDevelop locks in debugging


    I have been working with SharpDevelop for a couple of months so far. I am currently working on a project, that started 4 weeks ago and few days ago a strange thing happened: when I click the green arrow/triangle to start my project in debugging mode I cannot use SharpDevelop until i restart it. It doesn't react on any mouse actions, but i can navigate using keyboard. When minimize & maximize window, all main part is black. When i run the project without debugging - all is fine :/

    Using 5.1.5216 with .net 4.5. No strange/weird things, i rather stick to standards. WIndows 10.

    Have anyone have a clue how to solve? Have you had such issue? What should i post here to help you helping me to find a solution? 

    Thanks & regards,

  • 11-19-2017 10:09 AM In reply to

    Re: SharpDevelop locks in debugging

    I've never seen this behaviour before, but here are a few things I'd suggest to help to isolate the cause...

    1) Try debugging the same project using version SharpDevelop 4.4 and/or 5.2 beta - do they behave the same? Does repairing or uninstalling/reinstalling SharpDevelop 5.1 from the Uninstall a Program window make any difference (if you've created any file or project templates then back them up first)?

    2) Is the problem specific to this project? Try downloading and debugging some other projects from github or sourceforge or wherever, preferably of the same project type as yours (Windows Forms, WPF,, console application etc).

    3) If it's only your project which is affected by this problem, is your project under source control? If so you could try debugging earlier versions of it to help identify the change which introduced the problem. Or if you're able to publish it to a public repository somewhere then I could see if I get the same behaviour on my machine.

    4) If all else fails, you could download the SharpDevelop source code, do a debug build of it (you can build SharpDevelop using SharpDevelop), and then use your debug version of SharpDevelop to debug your project. When you run a debug build, it opens a console window in addition to the main UI, which emits lots of logging information. I'm not sure I'd be able to spot an answer in that information, but someone might be able to.

    Hope this helps.


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