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Support of other languages in SD 5 like in SD 4

Last post 01-29-2016 5:18 AM by NickyBlue. 2 replies.
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  • 01-28-2016 4:56 AM

    Support of other languages in SD 5 like in SD 4

    Well I just happened to get to your this IDE during net search...and seems likea good project to why you left the VB or other lang support in 5.0?

    Are you gonna include it in near future....I think I read some post abt that but I sincerrely wanna know what kinda specific problems that you faced you said during 4.0 development that you left it in 5.0...I mean its really a wonderful idea of interchangable language within the IDE editor just by single click...And I think no matter what thats the one thing you should concentrate'll certainly be very good thing to achieve. Like just different views of same code logic in various VB, C++, C#, or java etc. Or even some customize language.

    You guys tried that thing once and have already faced those problems so I wud certainly like to know it in lil more detail ...maybe we can work out something. :)

    Your code is a technical code actually & I am not a programmer in a sense...just a amateur but like programming stuff & wud like to learn it  some...just for the sake of it as hobby if nothing else...and I had some ideas abt such IDE or have intention of at least brain storming some if not making a whole project...cause its really to big a thing for a single guy...especially who does know yet the ABCD of it. But I love comp so maybe we can work out something if you can provide me the exact problem that you faced in that...of course in layman term since I am no geek :)

    As for programming aquaintance...I know or have lil some knowledge or some awareness of Intel assembly, C, C++, C#, etc...even jaava and VB if not that much but yeah I have seen what it looks like....Mean I can handle that if want to...with some lil help of course where I struck :)

    So why you abandoned it...and you said I think that you gonna include it in future sometime if I read how you think you gonna handle it in new SD 5.0 or above? :) 

  • 01-28-2016 6:54 AM In reply to

    Re: Support of other languages in SD 5 like in SD 4

    The reason is rather simple: time constraints. Too few developers.


  • 01-29-2016 5:18 AM In reply to

    Re: Support of other languages in SD 5 like in SD 4

    I understand :)


    Well currently I got my laptop hdd crashed so here's lil anyway back on my pc...and gonna download SD again both versions...last time I tried to read & understand the source code ...wasn't very successful...but yeah got some idea. And most imp it was all working here....I mean the only open source project which just get compiled and run on my system without any problem in just one click...nice job. ;)

    I'll get them again (SD source)...and then maybe ...I once did some lil research on IDE on my own so had some ideas abt it...which I'll most certainly forward it here in a while...See! tell u what wille...u know I am not a professional; ...never been to any comp institute...but I understand C or C++....but you guys use some rare typical syntax in between ...which I dont understand this time...currently ...since I got just a basic overview....but if you help me get over it by explaining some...when & where I stuck understanding...Maybe I can be some help to you here. And it wont be that much...just few places. ;)

    I mean without clearing that you just cant understand other related parts...cause you not sure abt what this code suppose to be doing. I forgot all those things now...sorry.. but I'll when I'll get the source code again :)

    Ok let me compose a lil synopsis that you folks say abt the thing I was dreaming of....A simple amateur programming studio with interchangable multi language support...maybe multi platform or processor types as well...but I just know intel x86 this time...had lil idea abt itanium bt not much.

    Well lets say I mean like you doing all the things...but you keep things XML format...right?...basic codon or whatever compiler usable data...config data...or addin config data whatever .I just want to take i lil further by providing form based things for it...full GUI based....You can create a new lang template or mordify existing one though create some personel new version of it...Maybe treeview + table grid control can be used to implement that somehow. you dont have to wrtie XML direct....and we pack all rules (syntax, decoration etc within single lang specification file. I wud like it to be binary so that we can directly load it in memory and use it like and datastructure with lil address fixing...but sure XML format can be supported for export purpose or any other user purpose. 


    Rest I think parser code generation very much like yours...I mean thats the only way anyway :)
    But sure sometimes you cant do everything automated so those form should be interractive...and not a seperate tool from ide ...just a new tab within the editor you can have classical code view of autogenerated parser code..patch it up mordify it up all on the fly...they just different views of same thing designer view (of lang specification file) and codeview (of related autogenrated parsher) of your usual IDEs...and all things can not be fully automated so tool should be able to detect those conditions perfectly and pin point the developer to correct it there :)

    And I was thinking of extending this idea to whle thing like...even project or code files....we just gonna keep it in linked node structure the whole you do keep and manipulate in memory...Thats what your those node classes are right? ..obiviously code wont be readable on simple text editors then ...but why shpould you...and sure can be exported in any form text or XML with single click...whole project or specific files if user needs it....and there a reason for doing that...Speed, flexibility, easy maintanance of code....less error prone etc etc. Bt this appproach might also have some problem haven't pondered deeply all those bottlenecks gonna come out when you do the real coding ...right? :)

    Actually there's nothing new about it then what you or any other guys doing...just a way of presentation or keeping things...and that's what I had in got a I got my own style idea...or other microsoft or any other library/compiler  developers.....I just want the tool to be easily configurable by user to accomodate its liking...whether its just abt code decoration or navigation..its very imp thing than even technical code sometimes...or something else. Like as simple as this...instead of creating some coding rules...I wud like my ide to be perfectly configurable for all types of coding presentation...even naming variables...just from the editor space not frm some deep configuration just right click the thing change its style...even you "m_" for modules variable you can do it with just single click...whole project or even specific file or class...but nobody wud be doing it this way btw. :)

    I mean things like that....Ide should have option for it....not suppose to be done by user intentionally..yeah there wud be some probs bt thats wht one should try solving :).... Well I will get to you sometime later....I didn't joined the mail list this time cause I hardly know abt your code base wont be able to say much there..just had a lil overview last time.

    OK lets suscribe for it...whts wrong in that?...ppls wont bite passive watchers there ...right?  LOL

    cya bro sot!

    Note: And its not abt what which specific lang supports..thier specific compilers...but what user's idea abt that lang is...if VB not doing something currently like that...user can easily cofigure our IDE to achieve it :)...a new mordified version of VB or back forth...they just the views only...underlying code is in just neutral logical form or processor specific form...The idea is you know java I know VB and I have a problem with a VB program but you the only programming expert u can just change view to java...correct it and I will get it back the result to the VB view again with problem solved LOL

    sorry for the joke bro..if u didnt liked it...but still the idea will come handy sometimes if get implemented  ;) 

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