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  • SharpDevelop 4.2: Debugging C# 5 async methods

    As Chris already announced in a previous blog post, SharpDevelop 4.2 and later will support targeting .NET 4.5. One of the interesting new features in .NET 4.5/C# 5 is async. If you have already tried debugging an async method, you will have noticed, that SharpDevelop's debugger is unable to evaluate...
    Posted to Weblog by siegi44 on 03-10-2012
  • Project Behaviors - Extensibility in the Project System

    With the upcoming release of SharpDevelop 4.2, you get support for ASP.NET MVC projects based on IIS and IIS Express. We also want to give you debugging support. However this required some changes in our project system, because web development usually involves a web server and the IDE attaches its debugger...
    Posted to Weblog by siegi44 on 03-04-2012
  • SharpDevelop 4.2: Code Quality Analysis - Dependency Matrix

    In SharpDevelop 4.2 Beta we added a new feature which was partially developed by Tomas Linhart during GSoC 2010. Because it was never finished it took us some time to complete it after GSoC. One of the biggest changes after GSoC was the rewrite of the core engine. The engine now uses the new NRefactory...
    Posted to Weblog by siegi44 on 02-06-2012
  • Output pad: Ported to WPF and added search functionality

    While hunting a bug related to Windows Forms, we decided to move the output pad to WPF. It now uses AvalonEdit instead of a textbox and we added support for file hyperlinks (C#, VB and NUnit); additionally you can now search through debug output by pressing Ctrl+F while the output pad is focused.
    Posted to Weblog by siegi44 on 01-05-2012
  • AvalonEdit 4.2: Virtual Space

    In recent builds of SharpDevelop 4.2 and AvalonEdit I implemented the "Virtual Space" feature. This feature allows you to place the caret after the end of the line. It was necessary to properly implement rectangle selection. You can enable it in the TextEditor by setting EnableVirtualSpace...
    Posted to Weblog by siegi44 on 11-27-2011
  • SharpDevelop 4.2: Search and Replace refurbished

    The Search and Replace engine used in SharpDevelop had a bad architecture. The concept of IDocumentIterator (for a number of documents) and ITextIterator (for a single document) leads to problems when doing manual "Find next" over multiple documents. It leads code duplication and there are...
    Posted to Weblog by siegi44 on 11-05-2011
  • SharpDevelop 4.2: Reimplemented "Create properties"

    One of the features still missing after "Alt+Ins" was removed, "Create properties" was reimplemented and added to the recent builds of SharpDevelop 4.2 (master branch). It can be reached by selecting "Create properties" from the refactoring main menu, or by typing propall...
    Posted to Weblog by siegi44 on 10-30-2011
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