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  • NDoc Replaced With Sandcastle Help File Builder (SHFB)

    A change that happened rather early in the development process of SharpDevelop 3.0 (revision 2658, 8/13/2007) was that we replaced NDoc (a stalled open source project) with Sandcastle Help File Builder (SHFB) . SHFB looks and feels similar to NDoc, however, it builds on top of Sandcastle , a documentation...
    Posted to Weblog by Anonymous on 01-23-2008
  • Did Development of SharpDevelop 2.2 Stop?

    This question came up for example in the thread SharpDev 2.2.x on BuilderServer (this thread was started because we ceased to automatically build v2.2 on 1/11/2008). The answer is Yes . Development of SharpDevelop 2.2 stopped with revision 2675 (8/28/2007), which is three revisions higher than the officially...
    Posted to Weblog by Anonymous on 01-15-2008
  • Code Coverage Addin Uses PartCover 2.2 Instead of NCover in SharpDevelop 3

    In continuing to list changes to SharpDevelop 3, we are going to talk about the code coverage addin in SharpDevelop 3 "Montferrer" in this blog post. Previously, the addin used NCover for calculating code coverage (this is a metric you gain by writing unit tests). However, recently NCover was...
    Posted to Weblog by Anonymous on 01-11-2008
  • McAfee and \Src\Main\StartUp

    An issue that initially came up in 2006 ( Unable to compile #develop: access denied ) "resurfaced" on our contributors mailing list because one of our developers ran into this very problem that McAfee blocks access to our Main\StartUp folder: The problem and a workaround is described in McAfee...
    Posted to Weblog by Anonymous on 01-10-2008
  • SharpDevelop 3: Where Did Mono and NAnt Support Go?

    Over the past months we made a couple of feature changes in SharpDevelop 3 (currently alpha status). One major change is that we moved NAnt and Mono support from the binary distribution (aka "setup") to the source code distribution. You can find the addins ready to build in the \samples directory...
    Posted to Weblog by Anonymous on 01-02-2008
  • Help Wanted: WPF Designer Tasks

    Daniel is currently working on areas such as project subsystem or code completion (aside from fixing bugs). Therefore, work on the WPF designer is stalled. But Daniel put together a list of tasks (hard, medium & easy) that you could be helping us with. So if you are interested in helping, and want...
    Posted to Weblog by Anonymous on 10-24-2007
  • (Very) Old Wiki and Old Forum Removed

    Today I retired the initial Wiki (which only remained online for the book errata; we are now actually at Wiki #3), as well as the initial forum. Both resources [/heyhey/wiki/ and /opensource/sd/forums/] were available read-only anyways. The old URLs now redirect to our new and active installations. The...
    Posted to Weblog by Anonymous on 08-26-2007
  • SharpDevelop 2.2.1 "a"

    A small but highly visible bug went unnoticed for the official 2.2.1 release: When creating a new project, ${USER} ${DATE} in the standard header etc. was not replaced with values. Thus we decided to release an 2.2.1a version that contains a fix for this templates-related issue.
    Posted to Weblog by Anonymous on 08-09-2007
  • SharpDevelop 2.2.1

    Today, we released SharpDevelop 2.2.1 . This is a bug fix release with two updated external software packages: NUnit 2.4.2 and SharpDevelop Reports It is recommend that you upgrade to this point release.
    Posted to Weblog by Anonymous on 08-08-2007
  • SharpDevelop Featured on .NET Rocks!

    The current episode of .NET Rocks! has me talking about SharpDevelop, its history, the challenges, its goals and where we are headed. I wrote about the show in my personal blog too, so please check there for more information .
    Posted to Weblog by Anonymous on 06-13-2007
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