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  • WinForms code editor: improve renaming

    If I rename a WinForms control's name inside the code editor using the built-in function (Strg-R / right-click > Rename/Umbenennen), each occurrence is renamed. Only two situations in the Designer.cs are omitted; I suggest to change these ones in the same way. Say "oldControl" the old...
    Posted to Forum by Juergen Thomas on 02-24-2016
  • Sharp Develop 5 crashes unhandled exception on project load - won't open file.

    IF you use a string concatenation in a method call and leave of the leading Quote - your file will continually show a crash when you try to edit it, The project will crash with an Aggregate load error . Look for the Missing Quote in your file , there is where the crash is
    Posted to Forum by stixoffire on 05-11-2015
  • Walking the hierarchy of members up and down

    Since SharpDevelop 4 you should already be familiar with the key shortcut F6 or the context menu entry "Find derived symbols" on members and types: When called on a type, it shows a popup with all types deriving from it (or for interfaces: implementing that interface) and allows to navigate...
    Posted to Weblog by Rpinski on 09-01-2014
  • count selected characters

    Hello SharpDevelop-Team, Please add to the already existing line and column count another counter that gives information about the current selection length. There's a "ch" counting element, but I can't determine what it is used for, because it's count is equivalent to the column...
    Posted to Forum by Adva on 02-03-2014
  • Error when editing Attribute parameters

    2. Describe what you wanted to do and how you did it I was trying to add a new parameter to the attribute on the below code. So I copied the line with "FetchProcedure" and pasted it on the next line. [ DataClass ( ListProcedure = "" , InsertProcedure = "" , FetchProcedure...
    Posted to Forum by feihtthief on 03-21-2013
  • Visual Basic code completion broken in control structures

    Given an example block with a flow control structure such as: Dim cheeses = { "cheddar", "brie", "edam" } For Each cheese As String In cheeses Dim something = "or other" <1> Dim gouda = "is tasty" <2> Next Autocomplete works fine at point...
    Posted to Forum by Deryck on 02-22-2013
  • Don't copy blank line when nothing is selected in code editor

    In options -> Text Editor -> Behaviour, there is a checkbox option saying "Cut or Copy entire line when nothing is selected". Please put another option below it saying something similar to "Don't copy blank line". We come several times across a situation when we have copied...
    Posted to Forum by nikunjbhatt84 on 01-19-2013
  • Minor, but very useful productivity enhancement

    OK, I've been bugged by this ever since I started using 4.0... Maybe there's some kind of setting or something I'm missing, but the inability to scroll the code without clicking on the scroll bar is rather obnoxious. Every other IDE I've used since VS6.0 supports code scrolling using...
    Posted to Forum by Shukaido on 10-31-2011
  • 3.2.1 Code editor frozen, flashing page

    I've downloaded SD 3.2.1 to evaluate as a possible replacement for VS2005. Installation went fine (on WinXP SP3, .NET frameworks 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 installed). Restarted computer and started program. I began by opening an existing VS project - a C# web app. The file list loaded fine. Opened an aspx file...
    Posted to Forum by hopbacker on 09-05-2011
  • Inline and FrameworkElement support in ICompletionItem

    Hi, Both ITextAreaToolTipProvider and IInsightProvider support Inline and FrameworkElement contents, but CodeCompletionItem requires the Name and Description to be a string. Would it be possible to support Inline (FrameworkContentElement?) and FrameworkElement contents here too? Is there any way to workaround...
    Posted to Forum by DannyAsher on 02-24-2011
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