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  • Using standalone code completion for my custom application

    Hello! As described in this post , I'm trying to use some functionalities for my custom application. Here are some fragments of code that I have written in order to show completion list: Initialization: var core = new CoreStartup("MyApp"); core.ConfigureExternalAddIns(@"C:\Program...
    Posted to Forum by Davi on 08-28-2013
  • Code completion problem

    Hi! I try to add code completion for aspx pages, I make my CodeCompletionBinding class: public class CodeCompletionBinding : ICodeCompletionBinding { CompletionCollections completions = new CompletionCollections (); public CodeCompletionKeyPressResult HandleKeyPress ( ITextEditor editor , char ch ) ...
    Posted to Forum by Maki on 12-16-2010
  • emacs autocompletion addin

    Hi, I'm not sur if it's the right place to post, so excuse me if it's not the case. I've written a tool to get autocompletion in emacs using SharpDevelop Core as a backend. So thanks to the SharpDevelop team, I've now a powerfull autocompletion system in my favorite editor. I've...
    Posted to Forum by raf on 11-18-2009
  • Add-In to Implement ASP.Net-like code-behind environment

    I have a project now that takes input files similar to aspx and code behind files, parses the files into text and functions similar to aspx, and compiles to a dll assembly. I'd like to see if I can put together a #Develop addin that would provide an edit/compile environment for this. So far I have...
    Posted to Forum by RobertGravereaux on 04-09-2009
  • D'oh! language binding (XAML alternative)

    Hi! I'm developing my own language as an alternative to XAML (see screenshots of my current #D-integration at http://doh.majkråså At the moment I'm trying to integrate error-handling but I got another more serious problem that I thought I would ask you about. Whenever I create...
    Posted to Forum by Finnsson on 10-23-2008
  • Own implementation of code completion in XmlEditor (addin)

    Hallo, I try to extend the XmlEditor addin (for a new addin) from #develop to use specific code completion in xml code. I have implement this and it works, but I cant find a way to do this without modify XmlEditor classes (XmlEditorControl and XmlCompletionDataProvider). Can somebody help me to find...
    Posted to Forum by kde on 10-30-2007
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