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  • WinForms Designer: DataGridView column type causes naming confusion

    Situation: I put a DataGridView on the form, add a DataTable and start the column editor. By default, most columns are created as TextBoxColumn and are named in this way. If the table contains a field "refID" as reference to another table by ForeignKey, the column is registered in the Designer...
    Posted to Forum by Juergen Thomas on 02-24-2016
  • Dark Theme in portable mode

    Hi, I have installed Sharp Develop Version After That i have made it Protable with the file SharpDevelop.exe.config with the switch: <add key="settingsPath" value="J:\PortableApps\SharpDevelopPortable\Data\AppSettings" /> on the internet I found some articles where...
    Posted to Forum by bit17 on 09-17-2015
  • 5.1 Beta 2 and RC - Issues with designer and custom controls

    Hi, I have experienced the following recently with the above SD5.1 versions, with 4.x there was no problem; I observed/checked especially together with AForge packages version (some others only shortly tested). - After opening the original SD4.x solution and editing the code, at some point I...
    Posted to Forum by mh0674 on 07-28-2015
  • [WPF] Exception when switching to designer (and including the Viewport2DVisual3D class in XAML)

    Hello! I was trying the next example from MSDN: <viewport3d> <> <perspectivecamera position="0, 0, 4"> </perspectivecamera></> <!...
    Posted to Forum by XyLoNaMiyX on 04-03-2015
  • Can't save negative minimum value for NumericUpDown windows form component

    On placing NumericUpDown component, on a windows form using the form designer, and setting the Minimum property to a negative value, if you switch to source code mode, and switch back to the designer, the negative Minimum property is lost and replaced by a positive value. Workround is to set the NumericUpDown...
    Posted to Forum by Grc on 02-03-2015
  • Add Formatting Toolbar In SharpDevelop IDE

    Please add formatting toolbar in SharpDevelop IDE so that user need not got to format menu. If possible, please add all the toolbars that are available in Visual Studio
    Posted to Forum by Umesh Bachchani on 02-05-2014
  • Switch panels when switching views

    I would like SharpDevelop to switch my Projects/Tools panel to Tools when I am switching my editor from the Source view to the Design View. So always when I am in Design mode, I want the tools panel be visible.
    Posted to Forum by mslourens on 09-17-2013
  • Design view disabled when creating new Windows Form Project

    When you start a new project by adding a new Windows Form project to your solution, the MainForm.cs file will be opened, but you cannot choose between Design and Source viewmode. When you remove this file and add a Form yourself, or even when you close it and open it again, both the Design and the Source...
    Posted to Forum by mslourens on 09-17-2013
  • Crash when entering items in the menuStrip

    The following message (crash report) occurs when I add a menustrip to my Windows Form and enter some text in the menu item (where it says 'Type Here') and press Enter. SharpDevelop Version : .NET Version : 4.0.30319.18051 OS Version : Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 Current...
    Posted to Forum by mslourens on 09-17-2013
  • Form designer spoils form layout

    I have a form with several controls Panel (Dock=Top,MaximumHeight=70,MinimumHeight=70) TablelayoutPanel (Dock=Fill) Label ComboBox Label ComboBox TreeView (Dock=Fill) After I created the form it is look like this: I switch to Code Tab, then switch back to Design Tab and I see that layout was changed...
    Posted to Forum by folibis on 12-01-2012
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