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  • "Compression method not supported" When trying to read simple Deflate Zip

    Hi, if i try to read a zip file created by 7zip command line with the following parameters: -mm=Deflate -mx=9 -pPassword, at zipinputstream.GetNextEntry() then i get exception, "Compression method not supported" A simple AES 256 encrypted deflate method zip, total commander, windows, java simply...
    Posted to Forum by disconnect on 10-06-2017
  • Use SharpDevelop as JIT-Debugger

    I've installed SD on a designated production-machine (Windows Embedded Standard 6.1.7601) and written a small application that throws an unhandled exception. The upcoming dialog shows unfortunately only VisualStudio (which is not properly installed): Are there any further steps necessary...
    Posted to Forum by zisco on 12-21-2016
  • Exception while typing in, or reopening, a newbie Linq experiment

    I had the same exception first when I typed the last "select" in source code; but I lost that post body when I clicked forum Options tab. Re-opening the project immediately threw the same exception, as follows, source code following: SharpDevelop Version : .NET Version...
    Posted to Forum by GlennScheper on 11-12-2015
  • Cannot access a disposed object: ZipFile

    I'm getting this error intermittently when trying to do a normal, vanilla zip of a bunch of files (about 65 files - 45MB). This is Windows 7 and the current release of ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib. I'm sorry I don't have a stack dump - the process runs "detached" from the system tray...
    Posted to Forum by dysert on 04-05-2014
  • Crashed: Diff in "Setup Files" view made a crash

    In a working project having files and folders hirarchy, from Main menu: "View --> Setup --> Files", would open "Setup File" view showing the existing Folders and Files hirarchy. Right click on a folder and click "Diff".. And this made the crash: SharpDevelop Version...
    Posted to Forum by Farrukh on 01-01-2014
  • AES encrypted input stream throws exception on close

    Hi All! Recently we decided to use AES encrypted zip files in our app and I have found a problem with this lib, it throws NotImplementedException when calling Dispose method on input stream for encrypted entry after reading is done. Sample code to reproduce problem: public void CloseStreamTest() { var...
    Posted to Forum by SlavaMov on 06-10-2013
  • Error when editing Attribute parameters

    2. Describe what you wanted to do and how you did it I was trying to add a new parameter to the attribute on the below code. So I copied the line with "FetchProcedure" and pasted it on the next line. [ DataClass ( ListProcedure = "" , InsertProcedure = "" , FetchProcedure...
    Posted to Forum by feihtthief on 03-21-2013
  • Unhandled exception has occured

    I was switching back to Design mode (after acidential double clicking a menu entry which corectly created eventhanfler method and brought me to Source mode) after closing and reopening editor tab for that tab Design mode worked again SharpDevelop Version : .NET Version : 4.0.30319...
    Posted to Forum by jho1965dk on 03-15-2013
  • First magic byte doesn't match

    I get the wirtten in the title error but when I open the file in hex editor it start with 1f 8b 08 which are - I believe - proper magic bytes fro GZIP files (which I'm using to process the file). I also can open the file in 7zip. Any help? Here is the code: string str_data = ""; System...
    Posted to Forum by nimdil on 08-02-2012
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