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  • FastZip.ExtractZip hangs and fills the hard disk to maximum

    Hello, We are using SharpZipLib.dll ( to Zipping and Unzipping the contents of our project. Recently we got hang issue while extracting zipped file using FastZip. Zipped file size is 4 MB, after 10 minutes also FastZip.ExtractZip was extracting the file and we have to kill the process via task...
    Posted to Forum by vinaya22 on 11-12-2013
  • "Unrecognized escape sequence" error with FastZip.ExtractZip

    I have a C# app that extracts a single file from a .zip archive. When the extraction code (see below) is run from a console application it works without issue. When I am downloading the file from an FTP site and extracting, I get the following error: {"parsing \"C:\\Data\\AppData\\Internal...
    Posted to Forum by Gnemesis on 05-06-2013
  • Re: Zip.FastZipHandling.ReadingOfLockedDataFiles NUnit test fails...

    I also ran into this issue, however not when running the tests. I require the ability to add files that are currently open by other processes to the zip file I'm creating, so without any modifications, an IOException is thrown in FastZip.ProcessFile as you indicated. I've had to modify the FastZip...
    Posted to Forum by jgreg311 on 09-07-2012
  • FastZip: Extracting without creating folders?

    Hi guys Using FastZip, when I try to extract a file from a ZIP, it recreates the folder structure in my target directory. Is it at all possible to extract a file using FastZip and 'ignore' folder structure, meaning extracting the file I specified using the folder to the root of my specified directory...
    Posted to Forum by Ambious on 07-24-2011
  • File zipped using FastZip can not be extracted: Cannot find central directory

    Hi. I'm zipping a large file (130Mb) using FastZip's CreateZip method. Now when i try to unzip using FastZip's ExtractZip method, or ZipFile using Streams i get allways the error: "Cannot find central directory" I can unzip it using 7zip. (under Visual Studio 2008 / Windows 7 environment...
    Posted to Forum by pslana on 05-06-2011
  • Error when Extracting Zip file using FastZip

    I recently upgraded the library to 860 and am running into the following error when trying to extract the Zip File which is created by an earlier version of FastZip. "Size mismatch between central header(1294336) and local header(3109541)" The following is the code used to extract the zip:...
    Posted to Forum by rhino on 01-10-2011
  • fastzip.Createzip tries to include itself when created as sourcedir+sourcefile+".zip"

    Hi all, i did a quick search of the forums and couldnt find any other topics on this. Great library, I had no trouble using it create a custom sql server SSIS zip/unzip task. I did notice 1 thing about the createzip method though. Maybe I was doing something wrong but it doesn't explicitly exclude...
    Posted to Forum by jkmelbs on 04-09-2010
  • FastZip.CreateZip() - not maintaining the root directory folder as part of the path

    Using FastZip, is there a way to maintain the root directory folder for each file within the zip file? It seems the only way I can get this to work is to nest the root folder 1 more level. For example, I have the following folder structure: C:\Display\Display1\subfolders When I use FastZip.CreateZip...
    Posted to Forum by cschroll on 03-27-2009
  • FastZip.ExtractZip does not extract subfolder but name gets corrupted

    On mono 2.0.1 (and other version) when I extact a zip file with subfolders it wrongly creates the new files on local filesystem. FastZip fs = new FastZip(); fs.ExtractZip(LocalFile, LocalFolder, ""); will results in files created in this form (all files, no subfolders, that backslash "...
    Posted to Forum by Ger Teunis on 03-13-2009
  • Unzipping file with no extension

    The zip utilities work great except when I am trying to unzip a file with no extension(basically a file type of file). The sender of the file can't/won't change the way they zip the file. I have tried the fast zip and a few other examples, but they don't seem to be able to see the file without...
    Posted to Forum by miketstream on 02-14-2009
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