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  • Run/Debug Configurations

    After being in Java land for a while it became very confusing how to debug a project. I had to search the forums to find this Project - Project Options - Debug Tab - Start Options/Command line arguments. That is a long way from the Debug Menu...
    Posted to Forum by opticyclic on 05-31-2016
  • count selected characters

    Hello SharpDevelop-Team, Please add to the already existing line and column count another counter that gives information about the current selection length. There's a "ch" counting element, but I can't determine what it is used for, because it's count is equivalent to the column...
    Posted to Forum by Adva on 02-03-2014
  • Feature Request: Mass "Copy to Output Directory" selection

    At present, files can be copied to the output directory at compilation time by: Selecting the file in the Projects tab Changing "Never" to "Always" or "Preserve Newest" for the "Copy to Output Directory" in the properties tab However, only one file can be so designated...
    Posted to Forum by SocratesJedi on 05-08-2013
  • Don't copy blank line when nothing is selected in code editor

    In options -> Text Editor -> Behaviour, there is a checkbox option saying "Cut or Copy entire line when nothing is selected". Please put another option below it saying something similar to "Don't copy blank line". We come several times across a situation when we have copied...
    Posted to Forum by nikunjbhatt84 on 01-19-2013
  • Add usings inside namespace - C#

    Hi, it would be nice, if an automatically (context menu by hovering type name) added namespace would be (optionally) added inside a namespace declaration. I use StyleCop and try to follow the standard. Thanks!
    Posted to Forum by SvenN on 10-20-2012
  • Preselecting Enum for Autocompletion

    It would be nice if the autocompletion could be taught to preselect the enumparent (idk what they are called) when needed like for MessageBox.Show("Test", "MsgBox", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Warning) so that it would preselect MessageBoxButtons and MessageBoxIcon when you...
    Posted to Forum by BloodyRain2k on 09-29-2012
  • Please make the simple find text box wider

    Please make the simple find box brought up by pressing Ctrl + F wider, so that I can type in it confortably
    Posted to Forum by imgen on 02-16-2012
  • Automate Attach to process

    Anyone know how to automate attach to process in sharp develop.I try to read through sharpdevelop.sln but cant figure out how to automate the attach to process.there is one method to automate attach to process in visual studio by using process.attach().but i doesn't what i should put for DTE class...
    Posted to Forum by chsy on 03-18-2011
  • How do i change the colors of sharp develop text editor window to match a dark theme?

    Hello: Excellent IDE! congratulations. How do I change the color scheme in the text editor window to match a dark theme, say ruby blue? Is there a theme configuration file that I can edit with a text editor and share with others, like in Visual Studio? Giovanni
    Posted to Forum by giovanni on 04-01-2010
  • Feature request: bookmarks tweak, current line full field search background

    Hello, I would like to suggest the following features: 1. Bookmarks on the right-click context menu of the left side source page (where you typically put a breakpoint at left-click). The breakpoint menu exists in the context menu, but the bookmarks one doesn't. Of course you can use shourtcuts or...
    Posted to Forum by Moogul on 03-25-2010
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