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  • AvalonEdit - Support For Multiple TextView Paned Application

    Most Every Newer Features Being Added Are Being Added For A Single Instance Of A WPF View. It Would Be A Nice Feature / Add-On If Instead A List / Array Of Items Could Be Passed Into the Parameter(s). Case In Point, I Have An Application I Am Refactoring, And The Refactor Calls For The Ability To Split...
    Posted to Forum by MKrug on 05-01-2017
  • Add Formatting Toolbar In SharpDevelop IDE

    Please add formatting toolbar in SharpDevelop IDE so that user need not got to format menu. If possible, please add all the toolbars that are available in Visual Studio
    Posted to Forum by Umesh Bachchani on 02-05-2014
  • count selected characters

    Hello SharpDevelop-Team, Please add to the already existing line and column count another counter that gives information about the current selection length. There's a "ch" counting element, but I can't determine what it is used for, because it's count is equivalent to the column...
    Posted to Forum by Adva on 02-03-2014
  • Don't copy blank line when nothing is selected in code editor

    In options -> Text Editor -> Behaviour, there is a checkbox option saying "Cut or Copy entire line when nothing is selected". Please put another option below it saying something similar to "Don't copy blank line". We come several times across a situation when we have copied...
    Posted to Forum by nikunjbhatt84 on 01-19-2013
  • Re: Request: Debug multiple instance

    has there been any developments in this since this post? I find myself always having 2 sharpD's open, and starting up 2 projects each time. Would be much easier if it could be started as one. thanks
    Posted to Forum by mcmillab on 05-08-2012
  • Intellisense for JS or other kind of files that's not supported now

    I noticed that there is no JS intellisense, I believer that it probably there are no intellisense for other types of files like HTML or CSS, but how about implementing some kind of auto completion like that of Notepad++ which is based on words. It's not as good maybe, but better than nothing at all
    Posted to Forum by imgen on 02-12-2012
  • Task list - user-defined tokens, extra filter option and support for XML documents

    If I add custom tokens to the task list (tools -> options -> general -> task list), I find that the tokens which are already in the list when #D is installed are highlighted in red in the code window (useful because it makes it immediately obvious if I've mistyped the token, because it stays...
    Posted to Forum by sbridewell on 01-14-2012
  • Minor, but very useful productivity enhancement

    OK, I've been bugged by this ever since I started using 4.0... Maybe there's some kind of setting or something I'm missing, but the inability to scroll the code without clicking on the scroll bar is rather obnoxious. Every other IDE I've used since VS6.0 supports code scrolling using...
    Posted to Forum by Shukaido on 10-31-2011
  • Fortran and TFS support

    I'm interested in using #develop as a replacement for VS2010 which is, at times, id unusably slow. In order to do this there are two features I need that I can't find: support for Fortran support for TFS (Team Foundation Server source-code control) What is involved in adding these features? I'm...
    Posted to Forum by sgeard on 10-26-2011
  • feature request: refactor -> alphabetize methods

    Requesting an option to alphabetize methods of a class. It may be a stretch to consider alphabetizing methods as refactoring, but it would be useful for organizing source code. Sorting into subgroups and then alphabetizing may also be useful. Possible subgroups would be methods vs fields, then public...
    Posted to Forum by mcdon on 10-20-2009
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