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  • adding my own .net runtime versions...

    hi guys, i am really impressed with your ide... it bridges the gap for me to write c# while i am not a student and im not in edu or science... im running the most current version from your download page "5.0". the topic pretty much tells what im looking for... the most current .net sdk is 4...
    Posted to Forum by OliverLeitner on 05-18-2017
  • learning with efficiency- any suggestions ?

    Hello dear members, Extremely interesting indeed ! Well, I am a bit blocked by some lacking of complementary documentation and I would be grateful to have some advices among many titles ... maybe close to #development, some are matching with the suitable efficiency, 1- starting from scratch or 2- for...
    Posted to Forum by t2p2z on 04-09-2014
  • Extreme Newbie Questions

    I'm about a week or two into using #Develop for VB.Net -- both new for me -- and have hit roadblocks that are frustrating me to no end. (My programming expertise is the close-sibling LotusScript, so picking up the core VB language hasn't been difficult.) I'm having to build a new application...
    Posted to Forum by jtroan on 05-29-2013
  • SharpDevelop and .NET Micro Framework

    I am new to SharpDevelop and have now looked through the web site. But I have not found anything about using .NET Micro Framework 3.0 with SharpDevelop. Is this possible with SharpDevelop? And how can we do this? For example: In MS Visual C# 2008 Express Edition it is possible to debug on the hardware...
    Posted to Forum by ms47 on 01-12-2010
  • General HELP documentation for the #develop IDE

    1) Is there any help documentation for the IDE itself (for the menus, windows, context menu commands, etc)??? I've just installed version 3.1.0 build 4977. I've also downloaded "the book" ( Dissecting a C# Application - Inside SharpDevelop) and though I've only skimmed through it...
    Posted to Forum by PMBottas on 12-13-2009
  • Application Quality

    I was curious as to how well this program makes applications. Are the applications as programs like blender or photoshop? And is it possible to make graphic design applications like photoshop using this program?
    Posted to Forum by Intrigued on 09-30-2009
  • Creating User Controls to extend existing controls

    Hi, I've recently started using SharpDevelop and have one little frustration. Please bear with me if this is a very small and easy thing to do ... I just can't figure it. I'm trying to create a user control which is essentially a System.Windows.Forms.Button but with a few changes. I can happily...
    Posted to Forum by purple_pixie on 10-22-2008
  • How to target Compact Framework 1.0 ?

    I want to create a application for a Windows CE.NET 4.2 device that has the Compact Framework 1.0 SP3. Is this possible with SharpDevelop? If so, is there a link to a step by step detailed tutorial on how to do so? Not only for how to create the application in SharpDevelop, but how to deploy the created...
    Posted to Forum by mkat on 09-10-2008
  • Visual Studio 2005 Solution file with web projects

    Hello! We use currently VS2005 in the team. But I am evaluating SharpDevelop as an alternative. I was able to open the existing solution (sln) files. However, the solution contains what VS is calling "Web Sites". And Web Sites in VS do not have a project file. So, I get in the solution explorer...
    Posted to Forum by juergen.a.reiss on 11-23-2007
  • Re: SharpDevelop IDE

    Disclaimer: I'm a member of the #develop core team, so I'm probably biased. #develop should be a good starting point for you. It is written entirely in .net languages, has an extensible and resuable architecture and comes with a number of samples and tech notes. I recommend you download the source code...
    Posted to Forum by BernhardSpuida on 07-21-2007
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