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  • Need a guide to create report

    Hi everyone, I'm new to programming and c#, too. I'd like to create a report. I was searching through this forum, read many examples but was unsuccessful to figure out how this is work. I'd like to use the push data model, becouse I prefer to use FireBird database in my applications. From...
    Posted to Forum by Kyjan on 06-14-2012
  • Using Pull Report With SQL Express DB .sdf Database

    I am using Version 4.2 Beta and need to create a report from data stored in a .sdf type database. When I tried to use the wizard the only database driver option was MS SQL SERVER. If this is possible I would like to know how to connect to this type of database. If this is not possible can you create...
    Posted to Forum by r8ters3634 on 04-22-2012
  • Issue with Access to make Reports (like Crystal Reports)

    Hi, i'm trying to make reports but my database is Access based, i searched in Google for a solution with SharpDevelop Reports and i didn't find it, i dont know if i have the wrong SharpDevelop Version (4.2 alpha) and it just have MS SQL SERVER, i attach an image : So, i want to know if it's...
    Posted to Forum by Rivan on 10-14-2011
  • Newbe Question

    I have Visual studio 2010. So My question is if I install this will My file assoiations be changed or is there a option to bypass this? any help would be appreciated Frazzle (David)
    Posted to Forum by Frazzle on 02-27-2011
  • Please Help Me....

    I am Korean.... I install v.3 and v.4 I Use Korean in v.3 but I don't use Korean v.4 I typing Korean,, but I don't see Korean... Please Help me... And I'm sorry my bad English...
    Posted to Forum by change208 on 07-15-2010
  • [SD4b1] Help

    Help is broken. It works in, but not in 4.0 beta. Is the Win 7/.Net 3.5sp1 SDK reguired for Help to work? The SDK cannot be Installed because of a fatal error: 5:18:56 PM Monday, June 14, 2010: An error occurred installing the Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 Headers and Libraries package...
    Posted to Forum by ghostshadow on 06-15-2010
  • Installing the New Help System

    After writing about the HelpViewer addin, it is about time to introduce the new help system. How does it work? The Help Library Agent is a locally running application, responding to a new protocol called "ms-xhelp". It is not really a protocol like "http" - you cannot use it in a...
    Posted to Weblog by MathiasSimmack on 05-24-2010
  • The Help Viewer: The Contents Pad

    I just checked in an update for the HelpViewer addin. It has a new pad displaying the contents of your selected help catalog. It was written by Sebastian Ullrich, a German developer. He provided me with the classes and pieces for SharpDevelop. So just let me thank Sebastian for his great work and for...
    Posted to Weblog by MathiasSimmack on 05-24-2010
  • The Help Viewer: An Introduction

    I checked in my HelpViewer addin today. It gives you a basic control over the new Microsoft Help System. This system was introduced with Visual Studio 2010 and it is probably the only product using it at this time. The new help addin is going to replace the Help 2.0 addin, I wrote a few years ago. But...
    Posted to Weblog by MathiasSimmack on 05-20-2010
  • Options dialog

    Posted to Gallery by MathiasSimmack on 05-20-2010
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