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  • Bracket Matching in AvalonEdit?

    I've searched the source code and I can't seem to find any mention of this anywhere, would I be right in assuming that it hasn't been implemented yet or am I missing something?
    Posted to Forum by WWakerFAN on 11-03-2009
  • Cannot access repositories

    Hi, I am behind a proxy server that does not allow any Subversion traffic. I think one way to circumvent this is to use http/https. I tried using it but it doesnt seem to work. Does #D SVN server allow access over http? It would be great if someone could help me out ASAP. Thanks a lot!
    Posted to Forum by nikhilsarda on 04-07-2009
  • Menu ghost bug and documentation in build 3800

    I'm not sure if documentation is provided for the IDE, but I was not seeing any documentation at all from the Help menu in the IDE. Then I installed the .NET framework 3.5 Windows SDK and now I see a *little* documentation, but not much. For example if I select something like the word "public"...
    Posted to Forum by Rich on 03-06-2009
  • Crash using pop-up help

    SharpDevelop Version : .NET Version : 2.0.50727.1433 OS Version : Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Current culture : Italian (Italy) (it-IT) Working Set Memory : 72748kb GC Heap Memory : 18882kb Exception thrown: System.NullReferenceException: Riferimento a un oggetto non impostato...
    Posted to Forum by bar971 on 06-24-2008
  • Simple question

    Hi all, I'm developping a new commercial product (not an editor), in which i have to integrate a C#/VB editor (as a module). Do I have the right to use SharpDevelop DLLs (just by referencing them) ? Thank you.
    Posted to Forum by WFP on 05-09-2008
  • Spanish

    Necesito Ayuda, soy nuevo en este lenguaje d desarrollo, usualment programo en visual .net, aunq es igual tiene ciertas diferencias, al menos en los reportes, ademas los motores odbc instalados no me salen. Alguien que me Ayude con esos dos temas
    Posted to Forum by Alvesor on 01-15-2008
  • CodeDomSerializerBase.DeserializeExpression Error

    I have a implemented a form designer( DesignSurface ). i use Nrefactory to parse the code into a codeCompileUnit. but if the code has the following line Me .button1.Font = New System.Drawing.Font( "Tahoma" , 8.25! , System.Drawing.FontStyle.Bold) the form designer errors when it is trying to load. The...
    Posted to Forum by lzars on 04-03-2007
  • Custom Syntax Highlighting help needed

    A couple of questions and help needed 1st, is there a way to make the texteditor control ignore no space, ie the following example the M00G00, both the M and the G be highlighted differently, preferable with the trailing numbers also highlighted 2nd, is there a way of making the syntaxes more general...
    Posted to Forum by mrmerlin on 02-14-2007
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