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  • Basic SharpDevelop IDE Infomation?

    Hi, I'm using SharpDevelop for C# programming and loving it so far. But I'm only just learning how to use it. Is there a document or webpage user manual? I would especially like to know what all the little icons represent. I'm slowly figuring out that they represents things like objects,...
    Posted to Forum by Robo_Pi on 02-19-2018
  • Help me for planning a small project that I will make :)

    I have plans to create projects that relate to PC-based heartbeat monitoring through bluetooth communications and arduino. Can it? I am a newbie and I still need a lot of help and references. thank you :)
    Posted to Forum by mytha on 08-17-2017
  • GUI not appearing using Run but does from command line -- How to solve

    Hello all. I have a app (I'm just trying to learn Python) and when I run: ipy at the command line in the directory for the solution (where is located the GUI appears fine. When I click the created .exe file after a Build (with no errors) it does not appear (tho'...
    Posted to Forum by sbrand on 07-17-2017
  • adding my own .net runtime versions...

    hi guys, i am really impressed with your ide... it bridges the gap for me to write c# while i am not a student and im not in edu or science... im running the most current version from your download page "5.0". the topic pretty much tells what im looking for... the most current .net sdk is 4...
    Posted to Forum by OliverLeitner on 05-18-2017
  • IDE Shortcuts

    Having used Delphi for around 20 years, I'm used to IDE shortcuts. For example, switching between Design and Source views by pressing F12. Is there a way to define shortcut keys in #Develop 4.4? I found a thread about doing that in version 3.X, but that didn't seem to apply to 4.4. Awesome product...
    Posted to Forum by Homer on 06-23-2016
  • Splash Screen Form

    I have been searching for a way to "copy" the Visual Studio version of the VB Windows Application "Splash Screen" template. I prefer using SharpDevelop and am in need of the Splash Screen functionality. Is there a way to convert Visual Studio form templates to be usable in SharpDevelop...
    Posted to Forum by marcwebdude on 01-09-2014
  • Problem with debug versus release mode.

    I have done an hour of web search as well as lots of experimenting on this, but made no progress I cannot set SharpDevelop into compiling unoptimized (which I need for debugging). I am using SharpDevelop build 8000 on Windows 7 on Intel Core 2600. The project where this happens (the main project) has...
    Posted to Forum by Chris on 12-05-2011
  • Re: Regions Only, Folding (Collapse, Expand)

    Is this forum dead or what? Surely 'region only' folding is not such an exceptional concept, considering that we are now on the 4th version of SharpDevelop!
    Posted to Forum by Zap on 04-23-2011
  • How can I change themes for IDE (menus and toolbars)?

    Hello, I am using ShartDevelop as an IDE for my application. I was wondering if I can change themes (for example, office2003-like) or create my own themes. I want the whole menu and toolbars to be colored in blue (right now its gray). Can I do it? Thanks!
    Posted to Forum by Liron on 05-25-2010
  • How do i change the colors of sharp develop text editor window to match a dark theme?

    Hello: Excellent IDE! congratulations. How do I change the color scheme in the text editor window to match a dark theme, say ruby blue? Is there a theme configuration file that I can edit with a text editor and share with others, like in Visual Studio? Giovanni
    Posted to Forum by giovanni on 04-01-2010
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