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  • ILSpy Debugger Issues

    I am trying to debug few Dlls using ILSpy Debugger but facing following issues:- I am getting this error [ "Threads.CannotStepNoActiveFunction" ] more than frequently. When inspecting variables specialy for Nullable Types tooltip shows wrong values. Example - int? myObject = null; myObject...
    Posted to Forum by Vikas Sharma on 06-23-2017
  • ILSPY tools equivalent C# methods

    Hi, I need to pass dll and save the dcomiped code in my local system by using methods of ILSPY. I have added ILSPY from nuget. But I am unable to generate project code. Pls help me how to proceed using .Net.
    Posted to Forum by Soni on 08-17-2016
  • More colored visual effects in the Analyzer window please

    Hi, the analyzer feature is so powerful & usefull, have to use it almost all the time. But each time do an analyzing, the analyzer window easily gets cluttered with the info which is hard for eyes to spot. We need this kind of info, but if we can add more visual effect in it, like make the class...
    Posted to Forum by cateyes on 08-13-2015
  • ILSpy Decompiler Engine NuGet

    Daniel has created a NuGet package "of" ILSpy - the decompiler engine . It is based off of the 2.3 release, and we want your feedback before officially calling it done in the 2.4 release (and yes, there is no getting started sample, ILSpy doesn't exactly count as that...). One important...
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 04-26-2015
  • Identifier expected

    HI, I am absolute new to ILSpy, and not so new but still laking on C#, but used ILSpy to decompile into CS from my Toolbox.DLL made by RemObject's Oxygene Pascal Compiler from Toolbx.pas. This decompilation brougth me nice insight into what code is generated. I do so because when I call a function...
    Posted to Forum by stadelma on 04-09-2015
  • ILSpy Visual Studio Extension

    tl;dr get it here Remember the 5.0 release blog post for SharpDevelop ? We promised to do interesting things in our ecosystem, and now the first deliverable has landed - a Visual Studio extension for ILSpy . Now, this is a v1. This means we provided functionality that is simple, yet useful: Open in ILSpy...
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 11-08-2014
  • ILSpy 2.2 release

    ILSpy 2.2 is available! It's been more than 2 years since the previous release. The ILSpy core team has been busy with SharpDevelop 5, so we haven't done much on ILSpy -- just some bugfixes. However, we've had several external contributors...
    Posted to Weblog by DanielGrunwald on 06-29-2014
  • Active development?

    Hi, is ILSpy still actively developed? I still see commits on the git repo so I assume yes, but everything else seems kinda dead. This forum has no posts from this year, github issues are mostly without comments, the ilspy page has not been updated for two years, the auto-update built into ilspy is not...
    Posted to Forum by zarat on 04-15-2014
  • Decompile bug

    Hello, so today i downloaded ILSpy for some developement of a game, and when i try to decompile it, it stops and gives me "ILspy has stopped running". I dont know how to fix this, or if im just doing something wrong, i followed a tutorial even on how to decompile it. I don't know if this...
    Posted to Forum by PC1224Studios on 12-02-2013
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