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  • Decompilation of Object / Collection Initializers with ILSpy

    If you test a method like the following: static void TestWithUnusedVariables() { var x = new Demo () { SomeProperty = "Hello World" }; var y = new List < Demo > { new Demo () { SomeProperty = "nada" }, new Demo () { SomeProperty = "nix" } }; } And decompile with ILSpy...
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 12-19-2011
  • Feature Request: Sort Loaded Assemblies in Tree View

    It would be really nice if I could sort the list of loaded assemblies (automatically, not just manually via drag 'n drop) in the tree view on the left side of the user interface.
    Posted to Forum by erdomke on 11-03-2011
  • ILSpy Visual Studio Plugin / Add-In - SourceFly

    Hello everyone, First off, to the ILSpy team - great job on ILSpy! I've been following it for a while now and it just keeps getting better. Over the past few months (as time allows) I have been working on an add-in for Visual Studio (2005, 2008, and 2010), mostly out of personal need. It's currently...
    Posted to Forum by EricCarr on 08-22-2011
  • Baml Decompiler Exception

    Hi, just got this exception when I tried to decompile the PresentationFramework.Aero.dll v4.0.0.0 (more exactly it's themes/aero.normalcolor.baml resource) with the latest released ILSpy version (build 1000) System.ArgumentNullException: Der Wert darf nicht NULL sein. Parametername: type bei ILSpy...
    Posted to Forum by t-master on 08-09-2011
  • Generated code refers to this in field initialiser

    I have a dll which, when decompiled, to C# refers to this in a field initialiser, and so, when I try to compile, generates the error. Keyword 'this' is not available in the current context A sample of the generated code is private EntitySet < Products > _Products = new EntitySet < Products...
    Posted to Forum by sgmoore on 08-02-2011
  • NetModule support in ILSpy

    Hi, Two requests fo ILSpy. 1) ILSpy doesn't seem to open all modules in a multi net-module assembly 2) If I have a .netmodule file, ILSpy should be able to open that. For a multi module assembly example:
    Posted to Forum by zippy1981 on 07-25-2011
  • ILSpy 1.0 Has Landed

    We let the Beta simmer for about one and a half months to see what bugs would come up, which were necessary to fix for 1.0, and which could be postponed for 2.0. After fixing issues dogeared for 1.0, we finally built the 1.0 RTW release today - and without any further ado, here is the download link to...
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 07-16-2011
  • ILSpy 2.0: VB

    As I wrote in a blog post about three months ago I am working on VB support for ILSpy. After I graduated from school about a month ago, I had plenty of time to nearly finish it. This is not merely a feature announcement, but rather I would like to ask all ILSpy users out there to test the VB decompiler...
    Posted to Weblog by siegi44 on 07-16-2011
  • ILSpy 2.0 debugger plug-in

    Hey, Starting from ILSpy 2.0, the debugger will be a plug-in. This makes easier for the people that doesn't use this feature. When the plug-in is not present, ILSpy will still work. Have fun!
    Posted to Weblog by Eusebiu on 06-06-2011
  • TestPlugin build does not work (with fix)

    The TestPlugin project in the current GitHub master branch does not work with ILSpy. It compiles ok, but is not loaded at runtime. When I changed the project settings from x86 to AnyCPU, the problem was gone.
    Posted to Forum by Ewout Prangsma on 06-06-2011
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