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  • Common place for ILSpy plugins

    Hi. Are there any plans to create a gallery for ILSpy plugins? I have developed one plugin to a point where it can already be shared with other developers, but seems that right now there are no easy ways for them to find out about its existence.
    Posted to Forum by manunt on 06-04-2011
  • ILSpy 1.0 Beta

    It has landed - the Beta of ILSpy 1.0: What's new / changed: a new BAML decompiler (the main reason for the wait since M3), Analyzer improvements, bug fixes. We will focus mainly on bug fixes for...
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 05-29-2011
  • ILSpy: New BAML Decompiler-AddIn

    I recently replaced our System.Xaml-based BAML decompiler with a small add-in based on the XmlBamlReader by Cristian Ricciolo Civera , which he released on CodePlex under the MS-PL (last changed in November 2008 at the time of this writing). I adopted his code, extended it and fixed some bugs as well...
    Posted to Weblog by siegi44 on 05-27-2011
  • Problem decompiling some Delphi Prism constructs

    Hello, I've just do a try of the ILSpy and find that it has the some problem as .NET reflector decompiling the colon operator constructs of Delphi Prism. You can find a description of this operator here . For example, in a method I have the following Prism code: Class Method SqlData.GetFullName ...
    Posted to Forum by Patrick8639 on 05-16-2011
  • ILSpy debugger preview - 2

    As promised, debugging single members is now possible. Basically, you select a member or a type, set breakpoints and start debugging. When stepping in, you will obtain this: There are some changes from the previous preview. no more static code mappings. The code mappings are now properties in AstBuilder...
    Posted to Weblog by Eusebiu on 05-07-2011
  • Re: ILSpy search funtion

    Might not need to decomplie all assemblies. The Code Search add-in for .NET reflector which I currently use, works this way: when you select an assembly , then run the Code Search, after you type some words to search, it searches through the whole assembly to find all matches in the code, no...
    Posted to Forum by cateyes on 05-05-2011
  • Distinguishing different Analyzer items

    Analyzer has different items, like "Uses", "Used By", "Assigned By", etc. Is there a reliable way to distinguish one from another inside of a plugin? The ways I found are the AnalyzerTreeNode's derived type's name and it's Text property, but both cannot be relied...
    Posted to Forum by manunt on 05-05-2011
  • ILSpy search funtion

    I've just known ILSpy (I used to use .net reflector, but it's not free now), and tried, look very good, although its features still not as rich as .net reflector. Particularly, I found that the search functionality provided by ILSpay can only search types and memebers, but if it can search in...
    Posted to Forum by cateyes on 05-05-2011
  • ILSpy 1.0 M3 = Object Initializer + Search UI + XML Documentation

    We have now reached the last "internal" development milestone for ILSpy - we are now done with developing new features. From now on our efforts will go into bug fixing, performance improvements and polishing. This will lead to Beta and RTW - both of these will be strictly quality-driven (read...
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 05-04-2011
  • GetEnumerator detection fix

    for some assemblies compiler doesn't generate a type starting with the '<' character. YieldReturnDecompiler.cs -> public static bool IsCompilerGeneratorEnumerator(TypeDefinition type) change line if (!(type.Name.StartsWith("<", StringComparison.Ordinal) && type...
    Posted to Forum by irequest on 04-29-2011
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