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  • Using SharpDevelop with Xamarin.Forms Windows projects - A numeric comparison was attempted...

    Hello, I'm trying to use SharpDevelop with Xamarin.Forms projects which were created using Visual Studio 2015 community edition. Android projects seem to be working OK so far, and I know I can't build iOS projects because I don't have a Mac, but SharpDevelop seems to be unable to load projects...
    Posted to Forum by sbridewell on 11-12-2016
  • Defining MSBuild targets in .xpt template

    Hi, Is there a way to define MSBuild targets / operations in an .xpt project template? I would like SharpDevelop to include them into the produced .csproj when creating a project. Example: <Target Name="BeforeBuild"> </Target> Thanks for your help.
    Posted to Forum by hokares on 06-17-2013
  • fail build SD-4.3-Beta1 with buildSetupAndRunTests.bat

    4.3-Beta1 tag from github buildSetupAndRunTests.bat produce following error messages: "D:\Projects\SharpDevelop\src\Automated.proj" (целевой объект по умолчанию) (1) -> (Целевой объект createsetup) -> D:\Projects\SharpDevelop\src\Setup\Setup.wxs(35): error LGHT0204: ICE61: Upgrade.VersionMax...
    Posted to Forum by gtf on 01-12-2013
  • AnyCPU target builds ILONLY 32BITREQUIRED on .Net 4.5

    I'm using version 4.2.2 (build 8818) of SharpDevelop. I have the Windows 8 SDK installed, along with the Windows 7 SDK. Creating a new C# Console Application targeting .Net 4.5, and changing the target CPU to "Any Processor" creates an EXE with the following flags according to IL DASM:...
    Posted to Forum by AlphaGremlin on 09-25-2012
  • Re: Resgen error using SharpDevelop 4.0 (.NET 4.0) on Vista SP 2

    I was getting this error while trying to build a C# windows app. I think it was because the project was using .net 2.0 but C# 4.0. I suggest going into tools menu -> project upgrade and making sure that the compiler version and target framework version are the same. In my case, I changed the compiler...
    Posted to Forum by sbridewell on 04-15-2012
  • MSBuild Multi-Targeting in SharpDevelop

    SharpDevelop has had multi-targeting support for a long time - for example, SharpDevelop 2.0 supported targeting .NET 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0. Our original multi-targeting implementation would not only change the target framework, but also use the matching C# compiler version*. When Visual Studio 2008 and MSBuild...
    Posted to Weblog by DanielGrunwald on 03-04-2012
  • MSBuild on project files (4.0.0)

    I am a total noob so pls excuse the bleeding obvious... I have a project file that I modified outside of #D to include creating a zip file. I can run it from the command line with msBuild and it does what I expect. Within #D when I compile the project it builds the classes but doesn't seem to be...
    Posted to Forum by CarbonMan on 08-03-2011
  • Rebuild for run throws MSB3021 error

    First of all, i'm not sure whether this is actually a bug within SharpDevelop since you can find reports about this problem all over the web for Visual Studio too. However it's annoying as hell, none of the solutions out there works for me, and since something similar was reported and fixed some...
    Posted to Forum by tfs on 02-18-2011
  • Compiling native 64bit exe files.

    I created a page for this on the wiki but it seems it was deleted. So I'll post it here. In my opinion, one of the biggest shortcomings of this wonderful software is the lack ability to compile 64 bit native exe files. Fortunately, if you have the .net framework installed, then you have the compilers...
    Posted to Forum by binarycortex on 08-30-2010
  • how to integrate MSBuild tasks for NBehave?

    Hello all, I'm trying to integrate the NBehave tests in the build process of my project. There is a description of what has to be added to the MSBuild script on the following NBehave page: But I can't tell...
    Posted to Forum by netcrawler on 03-21-2010
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