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  • VB.Net linq parsing errors(?) Nrefactory

    Hi. Found what I think must be a bug. NullQueryExpression is the only thing I get in FromClause and SelectOrGroupClause when I should get something. Middleclauses count is also 0 when it should be 1. Here is some code that makes this scenario happen. Dim list = From variabl In listor _ Where variabl...
    Posted to Forum by le_morre on 09-26-2010
  • NRefactory operator overloading error

    Hi. I found a bugg in nrefactory. The parameters to an overloaded operator gets codelocation 0. both for start and end. public static bool operator !=(MyClass p, MyClass prot) { return !(p == prot); } this would render Start and endlocation 0 for parameter p and prot.
    Posted to Forum by le_morre on 09-19-2010
  • Nrefactory create anonymous object syntax

    Dim orders = From c In lis _ Where c.variable IsNot Nothing _ From o In c.variable.myListing _ Where o <> cutoffDate.ToString() _ Select New With { _ c.variable _ } the parse complains on the with { c.variable } , it only wants .x = c.variable to work when both way should be ok.. its almoust the...
    Posted to Forum by le_morre on 09-14-2010
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