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  • Location bug in new delegate declaration

    Hi! I found a bug in nrefactory when parsing the declaration of a new delegate in vb. In the following line "MyMethod" has both start and endlocations set to 0: Dim myDelegate As New MyDelegate(AddressOf MyMethod) This line on the other hand works as it should, "MyMethod" has its...
    Posted to Forum by Bazer on 11-25-2010
  • vb parsing error

    Hi! I get an exception (failed to parse -- line 9 col 1: this symbol not expected in EndOfStmt) from the lexer when it trys to parse this assembly code: Imports System.Reflection Imports System.Runtime.CompilerServices Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices ' General Information about an assembly...
    Posted to Forum by le_morre on 10-18-2010
  • NRefactory location bugs, C# and VB

    Hi, sorry for the constant flow of location bugs I post. I ran a big test with everything I had after downloading the latest build. All bugs here is ONLY relevent for location( start and endlocations) problems and nothing else. Thees are the ones I found. Dim lis As New List(Of LinqAndLambdas)() or Public...
    Posted to Forum by le_morre on 10-17-2010
  • Re: Nrefactory extension methods and positions bugs

    Should I break thees down instead of just writing down a lump at a time?
    Posted to Forum by le_morre on 10-15-2010
  • Nrefactory Vb linq error

    Found this bug Dim categoryNames = From p In AList _ Select p.AFunction(1,2,3) _ Distinct Dim rtgr As Integer = 99 The error occurs on the following line after the linq query, it dosent accept that distinct is ending the query so it thinks the variable dec after is and craches.....
    Posted to Forum by le_morre on 10-14-2010
  • Nrefactory extension methods and positions bugs

    Hi, Found a couple of bugs so I post all of them here in the same post... Public Class AClass(Of T As {MyClass, New}) MyClass positions are 0 Dim delas As New Delegatee(AddressOf MyNiceFunction) MyNiceFunctions positions are 0 and Delegatees( its a Delegate) positions are 0 Default Public Property Item...
    Posted to Forum by le_morre on 10-07-2010
  • Nrefactory vb position bugg

    Hi found a position bugg in Public Sub RunEv(ByVal eventsanddelegat As EventsAndDelegate) some nice code here.... End Sub The parameter gets start and end position 0 , the parameter is a delegate
    Posted to Forum by le_morre on 10-03-2010
  • VB.Net linq parsing errors(?) Nrefactory

    Hi. Found what I think must be a bug. NullQueryExpression is the only thing I get in FromClause and SelectOrGroupClause when I should get something. Middleclauses count is also 0 when it should be 1. Here is some code that makes this scenario happen. Dim list = From variabl In listor _ Where variabl...
    Posted to Forum by le_morre on 09-26-2010
  • Nrefactory create anonymous object syntax

    Dim orders = From c In lis _ Where c.variable IsNot Nothing _ From o In c.variable.myListing _ Where o <> cutoffDate.ToString() _ Select New With { _ c.variable _ } the parse complains on the with { c.variable } , it only wants .x = c.variable to work when both way should be ok.. its almoust the...
    Posted to Forum by le_morre on 09-14-2010
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