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  • Get VariableInitializer of IField, when FieldDeclaration.Variables.Count>1

    Hi Daniel, i need to get the VariableInitializer of IField, when FieldDeclaration.Variables.Count>1. i have FieldDeclaration (with zwo Variables), the TypeSystemConvertVisitor.VisitFieldDeclaration returns null, but generates internally zwo DefaultUnresolvedField.(another question: how to get the...
    Posted to Forum by Arakis on 11-29-2013
  • Use Explicit Type refactoring: how refactor all occurences in a source file

    Hi, I'm watching unit test UseExplicitTypeTest inside NRefactory solution and seems i can apply UseExplicitTypeAction only if I mark one var statement with char '$' in source code: (from the unit test) [ Test ()] public void SimpleVarDeclaration () { string result = RunContextAction ( new...
    Posted to Forum by rucka on 10-18-2013
  • Using NRefactory to move types

    I have a need to go through all the types in a set of files and 'sort' them using various criteria (eg looking at certain attributes applied to the types) and then based on these criteria, move the types into the appropriate .NET namespace. eg: namespace InputFileA { Type A Type B Type C } namepsace...
    Posted to Forum by Xcalllibur on 08-23-2013
  • CShell Released, a project using NRefactory and AvalonEdit

    We've just released a project based on AvalonEdit and NRefactory to create a full featured C# scripting and REPL environment. Check it out:
    Posted to Forum by lukebuehler on 05-16-2013
  • Re: Method Callers

    Is there no one that can answer these two questions? thanks.
    Posted to Forum by Steve0212 on 03-22-2013
  • Re: Parse to Other InvocationExpression

    no way to do this?
    Posted to Forum by Steve0212 on 03-22-2013
  • NRefactory and AvalonEdit Interfaces

    Working on the AvalonEdit + NRefactory sample I realized that the latest NuGet versions of the NRefactory dlls and AvalonEdit dlls are not compatible. But there are big, and i'm sure, intentional overlaps. For example the AvalonEdit TextDocument already supports the NRefactory IDocument inteface...
    Posted to Forum by lukebuehler on 02-21-2013
  • AvalonEdit + NRefactory Code Completion Sample released

    Hey Guys, I've just released a code completion example for C# on GitHub. It contains quite full featured code completion, I've scavenged all the examples I could find online and tried to merge them in one project. Most stuff comes from the latest SharpDevelop branch though. Here's the project...
    Posted to Forum by lukebuehler on 02-16-2013
  • Re: Using AvalonEdit with codecompletion in another application

    hey Ashwani, I just released an example app for code completion with AvalonEdit and NRefacotry. Take a look here: And feel free to contribute, I'd like this sample app to get as full featured and stable as possible. -luke
    Posted to Forum by lukebuehler on 02-16-2013
  • Using AvalonEdit with codecompletion in another application

    Hi, I like the AvalonEdit component very much and would like to use it as a script editor in another application. Using the editor is nice and easy, but I wonder how I would go about enabling the same code completion that is running in #develop. If I understood the code correctly I cannot directly use...
    Posted to Forum by AshwaniMehlem on 01-14-2013
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