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  • Strange problem in new NRefactory : Parameter Name for Delegate type "invoke" method Not Correct!

    var invokeMethod = aType.GetDelegateInvokeMethod() as IMethod; // aType is a delegate var paraName = invokeMethod.Parameters[0].Name; The paraName maybe not a valid C# identifier, for example, sometimes it be c# keyword "object",But it should be "sender". What's wrong? ===>...
    Posted to Forum by jackjoy on 09-02-2011
  • A subtle bug found in new version NRefactory.

    In my previous post,i said it seems the function for resolving partial class is not right sometime.After a deep investigation, i found the reason which cause the bug. I have a CompoundTypeDefinition which contains two partial class files.After update the typedefinition use SimpleProjectContent.UpdateProjectContent...
    Posted to Forum by jackjoy on 09-02-2011
  • Using new version NRefactory for Code Completion

    I'm tryint to use the new version NRfactory for Code completion function of a C# source code editor.There are some difficulties to acheive the target: (1) no way to find the expression around the caret position while user typeing.Using CSharpParser,the incomplete statement disappeared in the result...
    Posted to Forum by jackjoy on 09-01-2011
  • NRefactory documentation

    I noticed that the NRefactory tutorial video is out of date and the demo code in the sharpDevelop distribution doesn't quite work out-of-the-box (but is easy to fix). Is there any documentation? For starters, I see a "data" object passed everywhere throughout the visitor tree; what is it...
    Posted to Forum by RCFleischer on 07-26-2011
  • nrefactory resolution

    Hi! Using your nRefactory example (the new nRefactory), I'm trying to resolve all symbols from an sample application. Here is the method: public string Resolve(AstNode node) { SimpleProjectContent projectTC = new SimpleProjectContent(); TypeSystemConvertVisitor convertVisitorTC = new TypeSystemConvertVisitor...
    Posted to Forum by programming_questions on 07-23-2011
  • nRefactory - fully resolving methods

    I apologize in advance if this isn't the right subforum for this question. I'm trying to analyize source code using nRefactory. I can walk through the AST and see each node. However, when I come across a method invocation, for example, I want to be able to see a fully qualified name for that...
    Posted to Forum by programming_questions on 07-07-2011
  • How to rename all occurences of a variable using NRefactory?

    Hello, I'd like to create an application which can modify C# source files using NRefactory. At the moment I have created a trivial, base version using ConvertVisitorBase and overriding VisitVariableDeclaration method to register every variable of the PrimitiveExpression type. Could you please advice...
    Posted to Forum by Edward on 05-01-2011
  • CSharp pretty printer

    Dear team, I am using the CSharp code parser to process code, then the CSharp pretty printer to output the manipulated AST. My code has a lot of object property initialization,i.e. new System . Activities . Statements . TryCatch { Try = new System . Activities . Statements . WriteLine { DisplayName ...
    Posted to Forum by nimble on 03-21-2011
  • Would like to fix bugs in Ctrl+W, not sure how

    There are a couple of bugs I would like to fix, and could use some expert advice on. First, when pressing ctrl+W with the caret over the "aaa" in: int aaa = 3 + 5 ; It selects the entire VariableDeclaration instead of just the Name. The reason being that the Name is represented as a string...
    Posted to Forum by NoMoDo on 12-19-2010
  • Location bug in new delegate declaration

    Hi! I found a bug in nrefactory when parsing the declaration of a new delegate in vb. In the following line "MyMethod" has both start and endlocations set to 0: Dim myDelegate As New MyDelegate(AddressOf MyMethod) This line on the other hand works as it should, "MyMethod" has its...
    Posted to Forum by Bazer on 11-25-2010
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