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  • NRefactory "scripting" tool?

    Has anyone written an NRefactory scripting tool? I need to be able to script a number of transformations on a possibly large number of files. I want to be able to use a tool that I can apply a script of changes, for example: Change all objects of type ABC to type DEF Change all property PPP in object...
    Posted to Forum by David Robinson on 10-04-2008
  • Minor pretty print issue in NRefactory

    Indentation is being erroneously applied to inline attributes. The following example should illustrate the issue. var parser = new SnippetParser(SupportedLanguage.VBNet); var ast = parser.Parse("Class Outer\nClass Inner\nSub Main(<Out> ByRef num As Integer)\nEnd Sub\nEnd Class\nEnd Class"...
    Posted to Forum by Nathan Baulch on 06-21-2008
  • parameter attributes in NRefactory

    When parsing a multi-parameter method with an attribute on just one of the parameters, all resulting parameters in the AST contain the attribute. This problem doesn't occur in CSharp. The following example should demonstrate the issue: var parser = new SnippetParser(SupportedLanguage.VBNet...
    Posted to Forum by Nathan Baulch on 06-17-2008
  • NRefactory

    Hi there, Re: NRefactory I wish to create a command line util that will parse a file and, when given a line and column number, output a list of suitable autocompletion/intellisense statements for that point. I wish to use this to give my text editor (the 'e' editor) the ability to display intellisense...
    Posted to Forum by Graham Peden on 04-23-2008
  • Explicit interface member handled incorrectly in ICSharpCode.NRefactory.IParser

    I created a parser: ParserFactory.CreateParser(SupportedLanguage.CSharp, new StringReader(content)) "content" is a valid C# file and includes the following code: public Activity Activity { get { if(activity.IsNew) { this.activity = Activity.GetInstance(this.ActivityId); } return this.activity...
    Posted to Forum by EatenByAGrue on 04-17-2008
  • 'Remove unused import statements' command removes extension method's namespace

    The Refactor | Remove unused import statements command removes the namespaces of extension methods Steps to reproduce Create a new C# project. Add two source files TargetClass.cs and ExtensionClass.cs Add the following code to each class: TargetClass.cs using System; using ExtensionClassNamespace; namespace...
    Posted to Forum by garythemann on 03-28-2008
  • NRefactory can't parse ternary expressions containing -1

    NRefactory gives the error "-- line 125 col 64: ";" expected" for the line below; user.CustomerNo = dt2.Rows[0]["CustomerNo"] is System.DBNull ? -1 : Int32.Parse(dt2.Rows[0]["CustomerNo"].ToString()); However it doesn't give any error if I change -1 to 0 or swap the positions with -1 and Int32.Parse...
    Posted to Forum by tbaskan on 04-11-2007
  • CodeDomSerializerBase.DeserializeExpression Error

    I have a implemented a form designer( DesignSurface ). i use Nrefactory to parse the code into a codeCompileUnit. but if the code has the following line Me .button1.Font = New System.Drawing.Font( "Tahoma" , 8.25! , System.Drawing.FontStyle.Bold) the form designer errors when it is trying to load. The...
    Posted to Forum by lzars on 04-03-2007
  • Re: BlankLinesBetweenMembers and NRefactory

    I haven't tried compiling the sources myself just yet. But I see that in VisitNamespaceDeclaration in CSharpOutputVisitor.cs a call is made to: outputFormatter.BeginBrace(this.prettyPrintOptions.NamespaceBraceStyle); just before TrackedVisitedChildren is called. I haven't studied the sources...
    Posted to Forum by olav on 09-06-2006
  • BlankLinesBetweenMembers and NRefactory

    I use the following code to read, parse and output C# code. It's almost working with comments and all, but I haven't figured out how to get blank lines between members. Any clues apreciated. IParser parser = ParserFactory.CreateParser(SupportedLanguage.CSharp, reader); parser.Parse(); List<ISpecial>...
    Posted to Forum by olav on 09-04-2006
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