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  • NRefactory Parsing preprocessor as methods comment

    When parsing PreProcessorDirective node is being put under wrong node Here what I use ///<summary> ///... ///</summary> #if !SQLITE_OMIT_ATTACH ///<summary> /// ... ///</summary> static void attachFunc(sqlite3_context context,int NotUsed,sqlite3_value[ argv) { } #endif When parsing...
    Posted to Forum by tsadigov on 08-30-2014
  • vb parsing error

    Hi! I get an exception (failed to parse -- line 9 col 1: this symbol not expected in EndOfStmt) from the lexer when it trys to parse this assembly code: Imports System.Reflection Imports System.Runtime.CompilerServices Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices ' General Information about an assembly...
    Posted to Forum by le_morre on 10-18-2010
  • Nrefactory create anonymous object syntax

    Dim orders = From c In lis _ Where c.variable IsNot Nothing _ From o In c.variable.myListing _ Where o <> cutoffDate.ToString() _ Select New With { _ c.variable _ } the parse complains on the with { c.variable } , it only wants .x = c.variable to work when both way should be ok.. its almoust the...
    Posted to Forum by le_morre on 09-14-2010
  • NRefactor, parse [assembly:] attributes

    Hi! I'm currently using the NRefactor parser to get a CodeCompileUnit (CCU) from a .cs file. It has worked great so far but I've run into a problem that could be a bug (or more likely, my limited knowledge how the parser should be used). I want to include some Assembly attributes to handle versioning...
    Posted to Forum by Masus on 10-30-2009
  • Explicit interface member handled incorrectly in ICSharpCode.NRefactory.IParser

    I created a parser: ParserFactory.CreateParser(SupportedLanguage.CSharp, new StringReader(content)) "content" is a valid C# file and includes the following code: public Activity Activity { get { if(activity.IsNew) { this.activity = Activity.GetInstance(this.ActivityId); } return this.activity...
    Posted to Forum by EatenByAGrue on 04-17-2008
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