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  • Add Formatting Toolbar In SharpDevelop IDE

    Please add formatting toolbar in SharpDevelop IDE so that user need not got to format menu. If possible, please add all the toolbars that are available in Visual Studio
    Posted to Forum by Umesh Bachchani on 02-05-2014
  • Don't copy blank line when nothing is selected in code editor

    In options -> Text Editor -> Behaviour, there is a checkbox option saying "Cut or Copy entire line when nothing is selected". Please put another option below it saying something similar to "Don't copy blank line". We come several times across a situation when we have copied...
    Posted to Forum by nikunjbhatt84 on 01-19-2013
  • Attach Profiler to running process

    It would be nice if it possible to attach profiler to running process e.g. iisexpress.
    Posted to Forum by ThaiGIS on 09-02-2011
  • feature request: refactor -> alphabetize methods

    Requesting an option to alphabetize methods of a class. It may be a stretch to consider alphabetizing methods as refactoring, but it would be useful for organizing source code. Sorting into subgroups and then alphabetizing may also be useful. Possible subgroups would be methods vs fields, then public...
    Posted to Forum by mcdon on 10-20-2009
  • Request for PublicSettingsSingleFileGenerator and SettingsSingleFileGenerator support!!!

    I use latest #D to open my project but it cann't edit my .settings file because #D doesn't support custom tool called PublicSettingsSingleFileGenerator and SettingsSingleFileGenerator. Could you plese add this custom tool to #D? Thanks. ThaiGIS
    Posted to Forum by ThaiGIS on 10-05-2008
  • Possible New Feature - DLL Features

    I would like suggest a tool area dedicated to dll feature control/compilation, possibly some special base types/templates would be involved. I refer specifically to creating a DLL with a specific entry point, which I found recently on code project. The core changes would occur actually after compile...
    Posted to Forum by Jason Brenton on 08-15-2008
  • I added "get lock" in svn plugin

    Hello, I need to use the get lock feature of svn a lot at work. So in the spirit of open source, I've added it myself to #D's svn integration. If anyone is interested in having right click, get lock functionality, let me know. I can send a patch. I've made it against version 3, but id imagine...
    Posted to Forum by Bufke on 06-27-2008
  • Hiding comments button

    Hi, I've got really great idea, that many developers would find very usefull... A magic button that would hide rendering of comments & doc comments... becouse those are really helpfull at some point (comments), but they blurry the code and it's really hard to read 3 lines when there is 10...
    Posted to Forum by miechu on 10-24-2007
  • Re: VB6 language support added

    OUCH! VB6 add-on would be great. Here also is a addon to VB 6 that allowed C and ASM to be embedded into it and allow you to create true StdCall Dlls. Someone dug DEEP under the hood.... aaaaaahhhhhhh it would be great... :) I have customers that I WONT abandon...
    Posted to Forum by Jakebullet70 on 08-28-2007
  • Docking Panel Suite 2005

    Hi, I want to tell you that there is a new version of the Weifen Luo Docking Panel Suite, that includes a new style like Visual Studio 2005. for more informations: Bye.
    Posted to Forum by Hkproj on 04-12-2007
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