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  • Dark Theme in portable mode

    Hi, I have installed Sharp Develop Version After That i have made it Protable with the file SharpDevelop.exe.config with the switch: <add key="settingsPath" value="J:\PortableApps\SharpDevelopPortable\Data\AppSettings" /> on the internet I found some articles where...
    Posted to Forum by bit17 on 09-17-2015
  • process.start not working

    Hello All, I'm writing a program to launch an application in using SharpDevelop. I'm getting the ",,, has stopped working" dialog box when I use the process.start("Application Path") If I link to the application shortcut on the desktop using the process.start it works...
    Posted to Forum by salavine1 on 10-07-2014
  • Using files from Properties - .resx

    Hi guys. I really need your help. How to use files (image for example) from .resx file? I have testimage.jpg in Resource1.resx in Properties. So How to use this file? For example : void PictureBox1MouseMove ( object sender, MouseEventArgs e) { pictureBox1.Image = Testprogram. // How to choose Properties...
    Posted to Forum by RokcaBoom on 08-30-2014
  • #dev doesn't come with DirectX?

    I am a bit new to C# and I have been learning off of a cool video game programming guide I found and it has taught me all the basics but now that it has finally gotten to the video game portion, I've hit a huge wall. It says to open a new Combine so that I can use the DirectX framework but for some...
    Posted to Forum by chaotickreg on 12-10-2013
  • Problem with web.config file

    Hello I'm new at the C# world, I've made a WebService named "UpdateTag"and it has been deployed through the option: " Project->Project Option->Web tab->Create app/virtual directory " but throw this error on web page : Line 36: <system.web> Line 37: <httpModules>...
    Posted to Forum by Juan_Liga on 10-04-2013
  • Older versions (3.2) Windows 8 support

    Good day. On the forum I found some mentions that refer to Windows 8 support since version 4.2. Could you please spill some light on possible troubles using older versions with Win8 specifically 3.2? We've done some smoke testing of SD 3.2 on Windows 8 x64 and did not reveal any compatibility issues...
    Posted to Forum by AlexY on 01-23-2013
  • Design View

    Hi i have installed your software and uninstalled and reinstalled and still i have no design view. I have removed the file in Application Data and still no Design View. I am using Windows XP SP3 .Net Framework 4. Please advise Thanks
    Posted to Forum by MBeever on 12-10-2012
  • Design View not present

    Hi guys i installed sharp develope and found that design view is not coming. Anyone know how to enable design view in ID
    Posted to Forum by MadanMohan on 10-29-2012
  • Re: How to create a "complex" template project with Encog and Unmaged Export Library

    Thnak you to your quickly answer. <ProjectItem> is like <File>. How can I add a projectname.csproj ? In fact I want add 2 projects in one solution by the template project can I ?
    Posted to Forum by Graindorge Anthony on 10-04-2012
  • How to create a "complex" template project with Encog and Unmaged Export Library

    Hi, thanks #Develop is great. I ask you how to create a new template project which contain : - a framework like a project ( : - this template project : unmanagedexportlibrary...
    Posted to Forum by Graindorge Anthony on 10-04-2012
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