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  • Profiling executable - saving sesion over existing file crash

    Hello there :) I've started profiling sesion with some executable. When I wanted to start another sesion and save sesion file over previous sesion file, an exception was thrown (exception dump bellow). When I used new file everything was all right. Have a nice day and thank you for great work :)...
    Posted to Forum by Bobrnik on 06-06-2014
  • Profiler session - Go to definition of constructor unhandled exception

    Hi. When I click to Go to definition item in context menu of any costructor if profiling session, unhandled exception pop-up appeares instead of going to definition of constructor. Have a nice day ;) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
    Posted to Forum by Bobrnik on 05-26-2014
  • Profiling a WPF application

    I would like to use a profiler along with test automation tool. 1) Does SharpDevelop's profiler have an API that can be called (say from command line) to start and stop the profiling session - even without invoking the SharpDevelop UI. 2) Can I configure the Profiler to output a formatted report...
    Posted to Forum by asudipto on 02-27-2013
  • Profiler

    Hi, Is the Profiler in SharpDevelop an instrumenting profiler, or a sampling profiler? Thanks, Markus
    Posted to Forum by markusschaber on 12-02-2011
  • Attach Profiler to running process

    It would be nice if it possible to attach profiler to running process e.g. iisexpress.
    Posted to Forum by ThaiGIS on 09-02-2011
  • Profiler throws exception

    I am trying to run Profiler on a 64 bit machine for a C# .NET 4 windows console project created in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. " Select executable to profile " results in error: "DLL not found" " Profile current project " results in the following exception: SharpDevelop...
    Posted to Forum by Kofi Sarfo on 04-15-2011
  • Profiler giving System.BadImageFormatException

    Hi, I tried using the profiler (Wow! a free profiler!), but it came up with exceptions: I was able to profile up to the main function and the Application.Run call. However no visual window appears and I have to shutdown using the button on the profiler. The Finalizer is also in the list of rofiled routinnes...
    Posted to Forum by Somers on 12-25-2010
  • (Minor) Unhandled Exception Using Find References in Profile Data

    This exception is in regards to SharpDevelop 4 Beta 3. This error happens on Windows 7 64-bit as well as Windows XP 32-bit. After profiling a project, as expected a list of functions and their times appears. There is an option to find references to the function in question (i.e. right-click and select...
    Posted to Forum by borrrden on 10-23-2010
  • Unable to use the profiler

    I don't seem to be able to use the profiler. I've tried profiling NUnit test and Windows Forms apps built against .net 2.0, but no matter what I try to profile or how I start the profiler, I get an error dialogue stating "Extended NUnit console runner has encountered a problem and needs...
    Posted to Forum by sbridewell on 06-08-2010
  • Warning: Error loading property 'PerfomanceCounters': TypeConverter cannot convert from System.String

    SharpDevelop Version : .NET Version : 4.0.21006.1 OS Version : Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600.0 Current culture : Thai (Thailand) (th-TH) Current UI language : en-US Working Set Memory : 166732kb GC Heap Memory : 40400kb Profiler collect empty data. Is this issue relate to amd duo core cpu...
    Posted to Forum by ThaiGIS on 12-09-2009
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