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  • Walking the hierarchy of members up and down

    Since SharpDevelop 4 you should already be familiar with the key shortcut F6 or the context menu entry "Find derived symbols" on members and types: When called on a type, it shows a popup with all types deriving from it (or for interfaces: implementing that interface) and allows to navigate...
    Posted to Weblog by Rpinski on 09-01-2014
  • SharpDevelop 5 and its new Resource Editor

    Since we have recently changed management of resources in SharpDevelop project, our good old WinForms-based ResourceEditor needed a review. So we chose rewriting its UI in WPF to implement a better architecture and solve some focusing issues: Basically our editor for *.resx files works in the same manner...
    Posted to Weblog by Rpinski on 08-28-2014
  • Code formatting in SharpDevelop 5

    There's another cool thing we now present in SharpDevelop 5: A configurable code formatting engine. The first that you see for from this feature is the new "Reformat" command in editor's context menu: You can select a block of code and reformat it. If you don't select anything,...
    Posted to Weblog by Rpinski on 03-27-2014
  • What's New in SD5: Automatic Variable Naming

    In the blog post Context Actions I showed how to refactor existing code into a new method, and how Link Mode allows you to rename it. But there was a slight problem which this code exhibited at that time: Had I refactored "(j % 5)" into a new local variable (via Declare local variable), it...
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 02-09-2014
  • What's New in SD5: Suppressing Issues

    I have introduced you to code issues / inspections already, today we are going to talk about "silencing" issues that are either false positives or intentional. Coming in Beta 2 you will be able to turn off an inspection once or entirely. Let's look at an example: Calling a virtual member...
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 02-09-2014
  • What's New in SD5: Jump to Documentation in Tooltips

    The previous post What's New in SD5: Richtext XML DocumentationTooltips talked about the new, rich, documentation tooltips. As of today, the link target functionality is available in SharpDevelop 5, via Tools / Options / Text Editor / Code Completion: It will default to Help for Framework classes...
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 02-08-2014
  • What's New in SD5: Paste from Clipboard Ring

    The Clipboard Ring is an old friend that is in SharpDevelop since ancient days. You usually access it via the Tools pad: What is new in SharpDevelop 5 (again, Beta 2) is that you got a Paste command for it: Ctrl+Shift+V. This opens the Paste UI right where you are in your code, no need to use the Tools...
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 02-08-2014
  • What's New in SD5: Completion in Watch & Console Pad + Breakpoint Window

    Another upcoming Beta 2 feature is what we internally called 'dot completion' for the watch and console pad, as well as the new breakpoint options dialog. Simply type an expression, hit . and the completion will kick in: Same goes for the breakpoint options: And yes, you do get the tooltip for...
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 02-06-2014
  • What's New in SD5: Breakpoint Options Popup

    Today, I am going to show off another post-Beta 1 feature that comes in handy when you are debugging your applications: the breakpoint options popup. How to find it? Well, you first need a breakpoint: Next, hover over the breakpoint in the margin (don't overreact and right-click...): As you can see...
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 02-04-2014
  • What's New in SD5: Link Mode

    In the blog post on Context Actions I showed how to use the Extract Method context action. The last step - renaming the NewMethod - was a stopgap measure because Link Mode didn't exist in Beta 1 yet. But it is available in the current builds on the build server. So what is Link Mode? It obviously...
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 02-02-2014
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