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  • What's New in SD5: Background Syntax Check

    A good example of a syntax error is a missing semicolon. Of course, the build process would flag this error - but SharpDevelop 5 will catch this during typing: Please note that in Beta 1, there is a off-by one error that is fixed in newer builds on the build server .
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 02-02-2014
  • What's New in SD5: Richtext XML DocumentationTooltips

    The best way to get started is to look at a screenshot: Please note that tooltips are no longer plain text but are rich-text formatted including clickable links for <see cref="..."> elements. Those links today take you to the definition of the respective element. But for framework assemblies...
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 01-29-2014
  • What's New in SD5: Enhanced Scrollbar

    This one is a visual enhancement - compiler errors, breakpoints, and 'code issues' are displayed in the editor's scroll bar: Please note that the entire length of the scrollbar is used to display the relative positions of the respective elements. For example, in this screenshot I hovered...
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 01-28-2014
  • Question about new NRefactory in SD5

    Does newNR resolves field attributes to AST node in SD5? I'm asking because it does not resolve field attributes in SD4. It took me couple days to find where and why and fix it in SD4. and use it to recognise NUnit...
    Posted to Forum by ddur@sharpdevelop on 01-27-2014
  • What's New in SD5: Ctrl+F7 for Adding Watch Expressions

    Ok, on to a new feature in the debugger. Adding watch expressions has become extremely easy in SharpDevelop 5. Simply select an expression, press Ctrl+F7 and it will be added to the Watch window: As we are not debugging (yet), SharpDevelop has no idea about the value of the expression. So let's put...
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 01-27-2014
  • What's New in SD5: Context Actions

    In the last post, I showed off Insert with cursor . In this post we are going to look a bit more at those new productivity helpers, the Context Actions. You can find a list of those under Tools / Options / Coding / C# / Context Actions, where you can selectively disable ones: We are going to take a look...
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 01-27-2014
  • What's New in SD5: Insert With Cursor

    The "Insert with cursor" feature is one of the new features and works eg with Extract Method or Implement Interface. Let's look at this in action - assume you have a value class like this and want to add the IComparable interface to it: Either clicking on the pencil symbol or pressing Ctrl...
    Posted to Weblog by ChristophWille on 01-26-2014
  • Architecture changes in SharpDevelop 5.0 Beta 1

    Last Sunday, we released SharpDevelop 5.0 Beta 1 . This is a major milestone for us: SharpDevelop 5.0 Beta 1 ships architecture changes that we have been working on since 2010. These changes enable us to provide a better experience when editing C# code: semantic highlighting, background detection of...
    Posted to Weblog by DanielGrunwald on 01-26-2014
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