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  • SDA welche Add-In-Konfiguration

    Hallo Zusammen, gibt es eine Dokumentation zur SDA bzw. AddIn-Struktur? Oder kann mir jmd. helfen: ich möchte SD über SDA starten und ein csproj laden, welches Klassen und auch WinForms enthält. Diese sollen dann bearbeitet werden können. Nun habe ich die verschiedensten Sachen ausprobiert...
    Posted to Forum by testy on 03-11-2014
  • Debugging with SDA doesn't work

    Hi, We've managed to get the SDA working in an Enterprise Architect addin. Sharpdevelop is now started when we open EA and we have written methods to load a solution and open the code for an operation starting from EA. Now the next thing our users wanted to do was to be able to debug our application...
    Posted to Forum by GeertBellekens on 09-25-2013
  • Re: SDA Example Please

    We are also thinking of using SDA in a similar way as VSTA in our application. We are using CS-Script ( as the scripting engine which works quite well. Has anyone else had success with using SDA in this way? Mark
    Posted to Forum by MarkRice on 01-07-2010
  • Other languages?

    I've implemented a language called Joy (originally developed by Manfred von Thun; see the Wikipedia article at:, or go to: My implementation is semi-compiled and has over two hundred basic ...
    Posted to Forum by ccogan on 08-08-2007
  • Re: SharpDevelop for Applications (SDA)

    As soon as hit the run button of the sample I get a exception: Ausnahme System.TypeInitializationException wurde im ausgeführten Programm ausgelöst: The type initializer for 'ICSharpCode.Core.LoggingService' threw an exception. .ctor() RunWorkbench() - d:\Desktop\SharpDevelop_2.1.0.2429_Final_Source...
    Posted to Forum by stax on 04-09-2007
  • [SDA] do you know what would be great?!

    // sorry about my bad english... what would be great: 1- some application, where the user insert some fields (at a winForm) to post in database.. 2- the "admin user" could customize the validations of this fields before post.. 3- to perform the step 2 the admin user will use the SDA, the source...
    Posted to Forum by joaoPaulo on 10-05-2006
  • SharpDevelop for Applications (SDA)

    I have studied the SharpDevelp for Applications by the SdaUser sample. This sample ilustrate, among other things, an source code editor. Can I use SDA either to debug dotNET source code? There are some article or tip about this? Thanks! Caffé.
    Posted to Forum by Caffe on 10-05-2006
  • SDA ?

    I have a estimating program that i want to make more flexible. so i would like to use SDA to allow end-users to expand the functionality of the estimating. My idea is to have #D load and compile user custom projects, then have my estimating program load the custom projects and display the custom forms...
    Posted to Forum by lzars on 09-04-2006
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