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  • During Minor upgrade execute one custom action after all files replaced in install directory

    Hi, With WIX installer During minor upgrade I want to execute one custom action after all file are replaced in install directory. So, How can I execute the custom action? Thanks & Regards, Ankur
    Posted to Forum by Ankur Jain on 08-19-2015
  • During major upgrade prompt user for version upgrade

    Hi, With WIX installer during major upgrade, How to prompt user with version upgrade message like " The setup has been upgrading from v1.0.0.0 to v2.0.0.0. Do you want to continue ". I explored few links & blogs related to major upgrade but I didn't got solution related to this. Please...
    Posted to Forum by Ankur Jain on 08-19-2015
  • Installation on Windows 8.1

    Dear Members, Thank you for the membership and by reading about the SharpDevelop achievements, I am looking forward to contribute as well as involving some close collaborators. We are choosing C# , not all among us as 100% developers! 1-) I would be grateful if you could indicate me which version to...
    Posted to Forum by t2p2z on 03-10-2014
  • Design View

    Hi i have installed your software and uninstalled and reinstalled and still i have no design view. I have removed the file in Application Data and still no Design View. I am using Windows XP SP3 .Net Framework 4. Please advise Thanks
    Posted to Forum by MBeever on 12-10-2012
  • Complete setup available

    Hi Team IL Spy is simply great! I've done a simple short Setup to install on Windows systems. Just makes some tests of the system, puts the files in programs folder and creates any link to the exe file. Please, am I allowed to post it? Regards
    Posted to Forum by goldengel on 10-05-2012
  • Re: How to create a "complex" template project with Encog and Unmaged Export Library

    Thnak you to your quickly answer. <ProjectItem> is like <File>. How can I add a projectname.csproj ? In fact I want add 2 projects in one solution by the template project can I ?
    Posted to Forum by Graindorge Anthony on 10-04-2012
  • How to create a "complex" template project with Encog and Unmaged Export Library

    Hi, thanks #Develop is great. I ask you how to create a new template project which contain : - a framework like a project ( : - this template project : unmanagedexportlibrary...
    Posted to Forum by Graindorge Anthony on 10-04-2012
  • Trouble setting up windows sdk 7.1 with c++

    Hi, I'm having issues regarding c++ and sdk, wherever I try to build a simple managed console proyect, I receive the following warning Could not find WindowsSDKDir variable from the registry. TargetFrameworkVersion or PlatformToolset may be set to an invalid version number. (MSB8003) - C:\Program...
    Posted to Forum by Diego3.1416 on 08-29-2012
  • SharpDevelop and can not open “input file 'kernel32.lib' (LNK1181)”

    I am trying hard to write a plain main method using SharpDevelop, I am not a C# aficionado and have been dabbling in to C# binding o WebDriver. I downloaded SharpDevelop 4.0.0 on WindowsXP Service Pack 3. I created a plain solution for WebDriver to have my hands on C# binding of WebDriver. When ever...
    Posted to Forum by Tarun on 03-28-2011
  • Cannot see Subversion menus

    Hi, I'm just about to start using SharpDevelop as a replacement for the Express edition. I have TortoiseSVN (latest) installed and that works fine (using Windows 7). However, when I start up Sharpdevelop I don't see ANY menu options for Subversion. Nothing in tools. Nothing in the file context...
    Posted to Forum by Count Belisarius on 03-25-2011
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