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  • Re: SharpDevelop Reports howto

    Dear Peter thanks for the answer i show an image below the problem about the connection but when conect by enterprise manager i can conect using sql Server Management Studio by windows autentication and sql server autentication thanks for all Americo PS: Sorry for my bad english
    Posted to Forum by AmericoES on 01-28-2011
  • SharpDevelop Reports howto

    Dear Peter i'm using sharpdevelop 4, and I have a problem with printing SharpDevelop Reports on DOT Matrix printer, the printing is slow "about 30 to 40 %" increase in time from the old text reports. another problem i have is i can't conecto to SQLServer express edition can u help me...
    Posted to Forum by AmericoES on 01-27-2011
  • Feature Request : Automatic Documentation Generator like GhostDoc

    Hi, I just came accross a news on Mike Krüger's blog that he had developed a Monodevelop addin very similar to GhostDoc (a popular VS addin to generate docs automatically). The link for the post is as follows: and the link for...
    Posted to Forum by Anindya Chatterjee on 11-22-2010
  • Problems with Sharpdevelop Reports and Postgres

    Hi, Mi problem is: I'm using Postgres 8.4 with Npgsql library. I can work very well with queries, inserts, updates and deletes in my application, but, I can't to connect in Reports... Apparently its connected, but dont show me the tables and cant not evaluate the query. Can someone help me on...
    Posted to Forum by jaap on 10-01-2010
  • Ribbon UI, SharpDevelop and licensing

    I was reading that post: Just like Windows common controls, there are no unusual licensing requirements involved when using the Windows Ribbon framework in your applications. It's great for developers. I expect to use Ribbon UI in some projects here. I don't expect that the #D interface changes...
    Posted to Forum by ClickOk on 09-03-2010
  • Changing the core:GlobalStyles

    Hi, I have a requirement to override the default SD control styles. In many places I found references to global styles for example: <Button Style="{x:Static core:GlobalStyles.ButtonStyle}" This prevent me from applying a new theme to SharpDevelop. Is there a way to override the default styles...
    Posted to Forum by abarda on 09-01-2010
  • The Help Viewer: The Contents Pad

    I just checked in an update for the HelpViewer addin. It has a new pad displaying the contents of your selected help catalog. It was written by Sebastian Ullrich, a German developer. He provided me with the classes and pieces for SharpDevelop. So just let me thank Sebastian for his great work and for...
    Posted to Weblog by MathiasSimmack on 05-24-2010
  • The Help Viewer: An Introduction

    I checked in my HelpViewer addin today. It gives you a basic control over the new Microsoft Help System. This system was introduced with Visual Studio 2010 and it is probably the only product using it at this time. The new help addin is going to replace the Help 2.0 addin, I wrote a few years ago. But...
    Posted to Weblog by MathiasSimmack on 05-20-2010
  • GSoC 2010 & SharpDevelop

    We are pleased to announce that SharpDevelop has been accepted as a mentoring organization in Google Summer of Code 2010. If you want to participate as a student, please visit our wiki page for information about GSoC 2010 and project ideas . Of course, you can also submit your own proposal for work you...
    Posted to Forum by ChristophWille on 03-19-2010
  • Help!! I want shape a mini core of SD 3.2 with no Addins,but I fail to do that.

    Help!! I want shape a mini core of SD 3.2 with no Addins,but I fail to do that. Any guru give me some advice. Thanks a lot!!!
    Posted to Forum by boyeestudio on 03-17-2010
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