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  • Invalid GZip archive.

    I have an invalid .tar.gz archive. Winzip refuses to open it, and when I try to inflate it with SharpZipLib, it goes into an eternal loop. This is the code that I am using (in part):- Stream InStream = File.OpenRead(InputPath); using (InStream = new GZipInputStream(InStream, 8192)) { bool Status = true;...
    Posted to Forum by Keith Richardson on 12-17-2010
  • Zip files that can be opened with 0.85.1 but NOT with 0.85.5

    EDIT: This thread is about a subject also handled in this thread Hi. I have a problem with version 0.85.5 and a range of zipfiles. The same zipfiles could be opened with 0.85.1 The 0.85.1 works great except for files above 4Gb. I have made a small...
    Posted to Forum by EskeRahn on 03-30-2010
  • Extracting to blank 0 kB file

    Hi friends, I am having a problem in unzipping a file, its extracting as 0 KB doc file, eventhough zipfile has valid document file.When I observed the process its creating a blank .doc file and failing to read from zip file or write into .doc file. I am using ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll(Version 0.85...
    Posted to Forum by Devaraja on 10-27-2009
  • problem unzipping Office (2007) Open XML File Formats

    I've been able to open a MS Word .docx file with SharpZipLib, and read the various sections into a byte array by using the ZipInputStream.Read method on an instance of a ZipInputStream. After I have read the data into memory, I can inspect the uncompressed size of each XML document or Image. I can...
    Posted to Forum by whertzing56 on 06-17-2009
  • Is there a method Exists ?

    Hi all, I have to make a windows application on PDA with the Compact Framework. I have a zip file with approximatively 10000 entries in it. I don't want to unzip all the file, it's too long on a pda. I want to test if a file (i know the name) exists in my zip file and if exists, i want to unzip...
    Posted to Forum by qrf_vince on 09-16-2008
  • Re: Library cannot extract this entry. Version required is (16660)

    John, Yes, the files are valid zip files, i can able to extract from windows manually but not thro code, while doing am getting above error. I downloaded the source and set VERSION_MADE_BY to 16660; in ZipConstants.cs class and added (Version == 16660) in version ckecking in ZIpEntry class. Its working...
    Posted to Forum by Devaraja on 08-11-2008
  • Creating a self extractable exe using some files (a.exe, b.dll, c.doc)

    Hi JohnReilly, I have to create a C# windows application that will take 4 different kind of files (a.exe, b.dll, c.doc etc....) and the application should generate a .exe say "MySetup.exe" file (self extracting exe). On clicking the "MySetup.exe" the files should get extracted to...
    Posted to Forum by luckyshahoo on 02-04-2008
  • Not Iterating Through All Zip Contents

    Hi all, I seem to have a problem with SharpZipLib where my iteration through the contents of an archive with GetNextEntry() skips over many of the contents. Is GetNextEntry the only method to use to iterate though the contents of an archive (when intending to read some of those contents when certain...
    Posted to Forum by Todd McDermid on 01-01-2007
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