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  • new server creating invalid zips

    I'm compressing files ans streaming the resulting zip to Response.OutputStream. This all works fine in my dev environment, but when published to a client's server I'm getting invalid zip files. I've looked at the zip files in a few different ways with the following results: SharpZipLib...
    Posted to Forum by gavinallen on 07-07-2010
  • New SharpZipLib release version 0.86.0 available

    John Reilly has run the SharpZipLib project single handedly for some time, and after a magnificent stint running the show, has handed the reins over to me. They'll be big boots to step into. My first release is out now. Version 0.86.0 (download here) features a number of crucial bugfixes, many submitted...
    Posted to Weblog by DavidPierson on 06-01-2010
  • Re: Zipped file couldn't be extracted

    This post is out-dated, but i may help others... If you are trying to compress files to a zipfile using sharpziplib, don't forget to set the size of the uncompressed file.. ZipEntry entry = new ZipEntry(Path.GetFileName(file)); entry.Size = fileStreamIn.Length; zipOutStream.PutNextEntry(entry); Good...
    Posted to Forum by jvanlangen on 04-08-2010
  • Re: NTTaggedData clarification

    Well, I've used this rather clumsy code to save/retrieve the stamps. I hope there is a better way. If anyone got advices, please let me know. (It's a test project, so no urgency whatsoever) Saving to zip: Dim ntED As New NTTaggedData ntED.LastAccessTime = File.GetLastAccessTime(Fn) ntED...
    Posted to Forum by EskeRahn on 04-07-2010
  • Can't run downloaded SharpZipLib solutions

    Hi, Just downloaded the pack in subject (but didn't read the chm doc ...) I don't find the ICSharpCode.SharpZLib.dll and trying to run the main solution - supposed to build the dll (?) - I'm missing the reference to nunit.framework. What do I have to do (also, I want to avoid COM registration...
    Posted to Forum by Opariti on 03-23-2010
  • ECCN of SharpZipLib

    Hi, Because we would like to use SharpZipLib in our product, we are collecting the information needed to export it to others. In order to this, could you tell me what the U.S Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) for SharpZipLib is, and whether a license exception may be used for it ? Best Regards...
    Posted to Forum by suchi on 03-04-2010
  • FastZip example in cssamples

    FastZip example in cssamples has a really minor bug: case Operation.Extract: if ( argCount == 2 ) { Console.WriteLine("Extracting Zip"); fastZip.ExtractZip(arg1, arg2, overwrite, confirmOverwrite, fileFilter, dirFilter, recurse ); } else Should be: case Operation.Extract: if ( argCount == 2...
    Posted to Forum by vovin on 01-22-2010
  • Extracting to blank 0 kB file

    Hi friends, I am having a problem in unzipping a file, its extracting as 0 KB doc file, eventhough zipfile has valid document file.When I observed the process its creating a blank .doc file and failing to read from zip file or write into .doc file. I am using ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll(Version 0.85...
    Posted to Forum by Devaraja on 10-27-2009
  • problem unzipping Office (2007) Open XML File Formats

    I've been able to open a MS Word .docx file with SharpZipLib, and read the various sections into a byte array by using the ZipInputStream.Read method on an instance of a ZipInputStream. After I have read the data into memory, I can inspect the uncompressed size of each XML document or Image. I can...
    Posted to Forum by whertzing56 on 06-17-2009
  • Large files tar failure.

    I extended the NUNIT test cases to include large TAR file creation.. here's what i did: PATHTOFILES Contains: 7 files: file1.pvp = 517KB file1.vhd = 10,236,378KB file2.pvp = 517KB file3.vhd = 4,789406KB file4.pvp = 517KB file4.vhd = 1,712,565KB file5.xml = 10KB [ Test ] public void LargeFileTest...
    Posted to Forum by thomasr on 06-04-2009
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